A battle to fight, an adventure to live…

In our second session on Wild at Heart, today we dove into the broad overview of Chapter One.  Next week, we will continue with Chapter One.

Some brief takeaways from John and Craig’s talk today…

Everything you want in this life, you’re going to have to fight for.  The recovery of your “warrior heart” is absolutely essential for your job, your friendships, your church, your calling and your marriage.

This notion of a “warrior heart” troubled a few men this morning.  Let me be clear on this, when John is speaking of Jesus’ warrior heart, he is not specifically referencing nor is he glorifying modern day combat, guns, tanks, etc.  Yes, he/we use analogies, images of Braveheart, Gladiator and maybe even some war movies but please, don’t get hung up on that – what John is going after is this notion listed above, that “everything you want in this life, you’re going to have to fight for”.  Look no further than your relationship with your wife in your marriage.  Your wife and your marriage are under all-out assault and you better believe you’re going to have to “fight for” and be a “warrior for” your wife.

And John followed that statement with this – “And how’s it going by the way?  Your job, friendships, family relationships, your marriage … is all that coming easy for you?  Is life just handed to you on a platter?”     For most of us, the answer that is “sure…right”.

This life requires a warrior.  The world we live in emasculates men.  It does.  It fears masculinity and as Craig said, he finds himself having this desire to dig deep and find that masculine heart and to find that something that captures his heart to fight for.

Adventure – in my opinion, is a dying art.  Again, don’t get hung up on this.  We aren’t talking about skydiving, rock climbing, field-dressing a deer, motorcycle riding – although all these things are worthy – no, we are speaking of this basic spirit of adventure we are all born with as men.  As a little boy, you dreamed, imagined, built forts in the woods, fought Indians, turned your bike into a fighter jet and imagined you were the quarterback on the NFL team.  As we’ve aged, we’ve gradually lost this ability to dream, to adventure.  Yes, some of us still have it and it is glorious.  It can be adventures in business, in the church, on the mission field, 30-40 miles on a bicycle just seeing where this road leads or the backyard project.

Whatever it is, adventure calls us out.  It tests us.  It requires something of you. It pushes you (new frontiers?) to find cylinders you didn’t know your engine had.  And if you will live some adventure, it will stir some other things deep within your soul.  It will awaken something.  Adventure is one of the ways God shapes men.

To contrast that, we find that many men are leading “lives of quiet desperation or resignation” and at that point, we find many men that are bored.  Boredom is a very dangerous place for a man.  If you are bored, you are a sitting duck to be taken out.  It explains pornography, affairs, gambling, video games, etc. as men grasp at something, anything to find a little excitement.

As he says in the clip, “The gold is sitting in living rooms staring at the boob tube, bored to death.  Bored to death Tyler.”

We’ve only just begun.  There is so much more we’re going to uncover.  This will be opposed.  This is going to rub some men the wrong way.  You may bristle at some of this. Good.  Push into that.  “Why is it that I am so offended that John is saying ______ ?” Perhaps we have cemented in some beliefs for our protection that maybe need to be chiseled away?

We’re going to push into some deep new frontiers here and it will be messy at times and it will be opposed.  All I can ask you as you start to quickly form opinions about John or this material is that you back off a bit and give it time to see it through.  Let’s see where God takes this.

New frontiers!



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