Carver – summary of men signed up

It’s not too late to help so if you’re interested, we can still use a few more on Friday night for the set up and we can probably use 2-3 more servers and for clean up.  Here is who I now have signed up to serve…

Set up Team – Friday night (arrive 6pm pizza served) – Richard Illges, Josh Reynolds, Steve Lovell, Robert Nobles, Jay Hoffstetter, Fred Remick, Rich Cellino and Ron Smith.  We need 2-3 more.

Coach wants to start the meal at 5:45pm so I’d expect players and families to start arriving between 5:00-5:15pm

Kitchen Team (arrive at 2pm) Jerome Harrell, Robin Carr, Joe Morrow

Grill Team – Coy Nichols and Ryan Walker (Can maybe use 1 more)

Greeters (arrive at 4pm) Patrick Grant, Bill Angles, Bill Gaddy, Rob Deloach, James Warren

Servers(arrive at 4pm) Bret Crumpton, Richard Illges, Phil Staten, Sid Sayler, Lon Arrington, Michael Wood, Eric Kennedy and James Warren.

Clean up(arrive at 7pm) – Richard Illges, Phil Staten, Josh Reynolds, Ryan Walker, Sid Sayler, Robert Nobles, Mark Alberici, Lee Taylor, Eric Kennedy, Bret Crumpton and James Warren (we can use a few more here).

thanks to all of you for your help.  It’s truly amazing what a band of brothers, what a TRIBE can accomplish when we come together to serve and live life outward.               Excurvatus ex Se!


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