Wild at Heart – chapter 1 (part 2)

Please read Chapter 1 for next week.  We’re going to walk through that chapter.  I’ll have 5 more copies of the book and if you haven’t paid for you book, please bring $10 next week.  Here are the notes from this morning…

Bart – “There are the adventures we choose and then there are the adventures that choose us.”

Keith asked Sunday – “We all know we’re made for something bigger than ourselves.  What might you live for that’ll cost you and require real courage?  God is at work and He will move – the question is, if He asks you, will you step up?”

Bart and Keith are asking the same question – there are some adventures, some callings that will choose us.

To step up, we’re going to have to live beyond our present boundaries

To step up, we’re going to have live outward

To step up, we’re going to have to leave “safe” behind

To step up, we’re going to have to push into new frontiers and those are risky, they are scary and yes, they are uncertain.

New frontiers = living life where God has to show up to make it work.  Most of us live so safe that it’s only optional if God shows up.  If He shows up, then great, if not, we’ve got a plan B.

In reality, this is Godlessness.

Best example of new frontiers – we need look no further than beauty.

Living beyond our present boundaries

Living outward

Leaving safe behind

Pushing into new frontiers that are risky and scary and uncertain

Pushing to where God has to show up

Guys that pretty much describes our life with Eve.

The naked woman’s body is too much eternity for the eye of the man to behold.” Amen to that.  Nothing grabs a man’s attention like a woman.  Put beauty on it – and it sells. The desire for our Eve is good.  It is good.

This desire, this passion we have for beauty, for Eve is good. It is so deep in the heart of man because it is so deep in the heart of God.  God is a passionate lover.  He is.

In Isaiah – “I have fought for the freedom of my people.”  You get this sense of His undying love and His passion for restoration.  Yes, God is passionate.   After all, God gave us sex!

So the desire we have for our Eve is good and yet, she is the biggest dilemma for man.

25 year old son, newly married“The problem with rescuing the beauty is that the beauty doesn’t stay rescued.”                   BINGO.

And then Morgan talked about behavior modification in his marriage only going so far.  The issues are much deeper.  There are areas of his masculine journey, my masculine journey and your masculine journey that need more healing…

          The issues are much deeper

They are rooted in areas that need more attention

That need more healing

That need more from God

That need more counsel from older men

 Consider …

Do I ever find myself coming home and resenting being needed?

Why do I go silent?

Why do I retreat?

Why do her questions pierce me?

Why do I procrastinate?

Why do I let her limited sex drive reflect upon my masculinity?

Why am I unsure about my ability?

Why do I just check-out and shut down?

Where does the self-doubt come from?

We’re going to talk A LOT more about Eve but here is the bottom line –

The reason Eve has the ability to trigger all these questions is that you are taking your masculinity to her.  You are giving her the keys to your masculinity and in her, you are looking for the validation you need.

Eve cannot handle this responsibility.  She will misuse it.  If you give her the power to validate you as a man…You also give her the power to invalidate you.  More on this to come.

What do you want?

Jesus with the paralyzed man at the healing wellsWhat do you want?”  Why ask that question?

Life has a way of stripping you, taking your heart away. 

Something in us has been lost, stolen or surrendered.

Something in us has been assaulted.

If we could get that core, masculine image of God back in us – oh it would be incredible.  We can, you can.  It is still available.  Christ came to “set the captives free”.

So we’ll end with that simple questions to take to your group –

Why am I here?  What is it that I want?


One thought on “Wild at Heart – chapter 1 (part 2)

  1. Our small group certainly enjoyed a great and challenging discussion around “What do I want?”, EVE, and just general struggles/obstacles that keep us from being the MEN we know we can be…I for one have seen glimpses of a man after God’s heart, living Frontier, at times in my life and as I look back those are indeed the happiest, most fulfilling days of my life. But, like many others, I have indeed succombed to the pressures of this world, to corporate life, to boredom. And indeed it is the last that is most dangerous, I catch myself in bouts of boredom all the time. And there is really no excuse to feel/live this way…….LOOK AROUND at the WORLD that GOD has CREATED for US!!! This should be enough to pull you out of boredom, not to mention EVE!

    My two cents…….thanks.

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