Do you see? Wild at Heart 3

here are the slides from today which include pictures from the Carver Banquet > wild at heart 1

Do you see?

Most men don’t live this way we’re talking about.  Most Christian men don’t live this way.

It’s too easy to fall into just doing life.  It’s too easy to be an American Christian, dutiful and giving, 401k growing and trying to be a nice guy.

There is an enemy that seeks to steal, kill and destroy.   Most men miss this.

There is an Epic story underway and you have a role to play in it.   Most men miss this.

Your life will be opposed.

There is a Kingdom to come and the battles you fight here and face every day, they are shaping you for the coming Kingdom.

Most men miss this.

There is a battle to fight.  A beauty to fight for and rescue.  And yes, there is an adventure to live.   Most men miss it.

There is this spiritual numbness that has overtaken most men. 

Oh sure, they are good men but they are numb.  They are quiet, reserved, checked-out and resigned.  Their channels have been silted over and what once ran deep, now is quite shallow. 

There is a way things work in the Kingdom and so many of us just miss this.  We cannot carry heaps of guilt on our heart and expect to be a joyful person.  We cannot live with a quest for perfection and a rules based life and expect to find true contentment.  We cannot jump into each day – disconnected from the Vine – and hope to have any real success.

This quest we are on is to awaken our hearts.  It is the discovery of what has become in many ways, the lost kingdom. 

Once you have a taste of it, you’ll be like Ryan and say, “What have I been missing?  I want to learn whatever I can now so that I’ll be immediately useful when the future Kingdom arrives!”

The story of Jesus is full of life, beauty, noble battle, adventure and delight. 

It is far beyond the quest to be a “nice guy”.  There is so much more.

Morgan asks it too – “We must be fiercely intentional about the stories that both we and our kids encounter.  We must take responsibility for the scale, heroism and richness of the version of God’s story we are sharing with them.  Every day I ask myself, “What is the story I am living in?”  And “What is the Christianity I am offering to my kids?”

Do you see the contrast?  The contrast between all this we’ve summarized this morning and the “religion” you were taught growing up? 

Look at your life and the story you are living in. Is your faith story rigid, rules-based and dutiful?  Is it that in trying to do everything right that you now play life so safe that you take no risks?

Or, is there more?  Is there a bigger story at work, you knowing you have a role to play, an enemy seeking to destroy, a battle for your wife’s heart, your kid’s hearts, your brother’s hearts.  Is it that you now live outward instead of inward?  Is it that you are willing to be beaten up, bloodied and battered in your quest so as to be shaped for the coming kingdom?

Does your story know that God passionately loves you and He so desires conversational intimacy with you?

Ask yourself, to the outsider, to the non-believing friend, looking in upon your story, is your faith one they would want?   

We’re pushing into new frontier here.  We’re going to be leaning into the Kingdom and learning how His Kingdom works.  We’re going to adapt and learn spiritual warfare.  We’re going to adapt and learn we’ll have to fight for our Eve’s heart. 

We’re going to push to understand our heart – and the things that stir our hearts – and in so doing, learn of God’s heart and his passionate pursuit of us. 

John says it, “This next frontier is one most men never venture into”. 

We are!


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