Next week – The Poser

Please read chapter 2.  It is a good follow-on to Chapter 1 and there is good stuff in there.  But we are going to shift our focus and for next week, I need you to read Chapter 3 – “The Question that Haunts Every Man” and we’re going to introduce “The Poser”.

As we said on Wednesday, we’ve spent a good bit of time with the big picture, the rally cry and the call and now it is time for “the more”. 

It’s now time to peel back a layer and expose some things.  It is about to get really good but make no mistake, its also going to get a little prickly, a little tricky and it’s going to ruffle some feathers.

From bouncing around on Wednesday and listening to the small group discussions, it sounds like we’re all ready to go after the “more” and the deep stuff.  We’ve been silted over and its time to start dredging.  That process is never easy, it requires getting deep in the muck with the heavy equipment but if you are willing, the dredging will uncover the deep channels in your soul, previously forgotten and it will eventually allow the River to flow once again… to flow deep and strong and to bring life.

dredge 2

Grab an hour this weekend and really read chapter 3 slowly and begin the process of letting God stir things up.

See you on Wednesday.


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