to be this man…

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday morning…   Read Chapter 3 of Wild at Heart.

Some business – James Warren has a project that may need about 10 men this Saturday to help a church that recently had a fire.  The pastor of this church came to our Lead to Lead conference and James was praying with him and asked him if there was anything our church could do for him.  He was blown away at the offer and told James about the need to move items after the fire.  He is going to be getting me details and I’ll pass that along.

That got me thinking (and thanks to Bill Angles for prompting me on this yesterday) – for the following weekend when “The Church Has Left The Building” – there may be many of us in need of a project for that weekend.  If you have an idea or a project already set up, please bring it to ManSchool on Wednesday and we’ll present it to the group.

Now for this thought to prepare you for Wednesday…

“Don’t we all want to be that man?  That man of strength, integrity, who lives with an intentionality, who has a movement of his life towards God, towards others, a man who rescues others, who lives well and loves well.  That man who is free, strong and loving?”


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