Living in the Light – an opportunity to face a huge issue

sunrise at ccc

As we exited CCC this morning, this is what greeted us.  God’s glory was shining.

Thanks to Eric Kennedy for his offer to lead a small group through the Living in the Light material which directly and transparently goes after the addiction to pornography.

Many of us pose in this area.  We mask it, justify it and would never let on to anyone that we’ve got a problem with it.  As we discussed this morning, keeping it in the dark layered by this false-self, false-front, false-persona of “never being a man who’d struggle with something like that” is exactly where Satan wants you.  He wants you alone and far removed from God, layered up behind the false-front and if he can get you there, you are ripe to be taken out completely by pornography.

If you’re ready to come clean and admit this is an issue for you, Eric is offering an opportunity to come out of the darkness and step into the light.

All you need to do is respond below.  Just say “yes, I need this and I will commit to seeing it through”.  It will be confidential and I’ll compile the list and we’ll set up a time for the group to meet.


One thought on “Living in the Light – an opportunity to face a huge issue

  1. I’m not sure the group is for me but I’ll certainly pray for the group and each of the men. I appreciate the invitation. I enjoy the small group I’m in at Man School. Thanks for all you do and your leadership.

    Band of brothers – a cord of three strands is not easily broken

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