The Poser (2) & questions for you


Posing began in the Garden in Genesis 3.  Adam & Eve made this intense effort to hide.  The fig leaf is their pose so their true self could not be seen.  The issue isn’t the fig leaf, the issue is the hidingThe issue for you is your hiding.

Bart manipulated people for self-adulation.  He manipulated his wife and turned conversations on her and her need to be restored thus deflecting his need.  He manipulated to elevate his prominence at Ransomed Heart.  He manipulated to seek self-significance. 

Morgan, when in the company of real men who he wanted to be like, felt inadequate.  It’s amazing how quickly you can shift from feeling like a man, acting like a man and when you’re around real men, you suddenly feel like you don’t have what it takes.  So he learned to hide by being that guy that is “always coming through”.

Just about anything can be a layer, a pose.  Posing is a counterfeit life. You’ll never move from the counterfeit to the real thing if the counterfeit is working.  The tragedy is that it can work – for a while.  So you stay with it.  Leaning on the pose creates a dependency on it.  It won’t go away easily.

Christ is genuine, true, deep and real and to get to me and to break the pose and move me off that, Christ will disrupt my life.  He exposes the fake to turn us to the real. As he breaks you, at some point you just get tired of posing and you simply want the real thing.  You crave the authentic – “What would it be like to be an authentic man for a change?”  So many of the disruptions in our lives are God inviting us to another way to live life. 

Warning – the problem with the posing is that it gains a permanence in our life.  We become posers who talk a good talk and do a lot of stuff and get a little applause but we’re hiding, we’re faking.  We have to turn and change directions.  We have to say, “I don’t want that anymore”.  We have to believe God can make me a man that can deal freely, strongly, authentically with anything that pops up.  To get there, we’re going to have to turn and leave something we’ve relied upon (perfected?) for a long, long time.

Anything can be a pose…Craig, while giving this talk said, “Do you realize what’s beneath my teaching/leading?  This could be desperately wicked.  (what’s the true motive)  It may be all about something else.  It may be all about me and nothing about helping you encourage your hearts to find the real thing.”

Do you see?  Do you see how this happens?  Do you see – deep down – what drives us?

It’s that image of what we want people to think we are instead of the authentic reality of who we truly are and desire to truly become in Christ. 

Alone time questionsI want you to take 45 minutes and get alone.  Go out in the woods, go find a quiet stream to sit by, sit on your patio or drive way as the sun is setting.  Be still.  Know God.  Feel Him.  Meditate on Him.  Drive out all the distractions and ask yourself these questions.

  1. How do you see yourself as a man? What words describe you? Words like strong, passionate, dangerous for good?
  2. Do you have the courage to ask those in your life what they think of you as a man? What words would they use?
  3. What is your effect on others? Remember Bart’s effect on his wife.
  4. What do you fear your effect is?

One thought on “The Poser (2) & questions for you

  1. Another look at a Poser……
    The holes that we dig are sometimes so big that climbing out seems impossible.
    And the wall we create at times make us hate that we become misguided.
    Yet the size of these walls make me feel so small, wishing I could be freer.

    Though the night time fails seeming we are in jail at becoming great inventors.
    Trying to find grace, be a part of the human race, needing to find the Saviour.
    So look with in, communicate to Him be open and we will be freer.

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