it is getting tricky…

And so now it gets tricky.  We are into the poser and we’ve moved beyond the testosterone-laced Wild at Heart call of the adventure, battle, rescue thing.  That draws us in.  That is beautiful because it awakens something in us and then BAMMM, the poser hits.


Now it gets tricky.  Now we’re going a bit below the surface.  Now some rough edges are being exposed.

And now the temptation will be … to check out.

4-5 weeks into this, the temptation will be to quit this race we’ve embarked upon, this new frontier we’ve agreed to push into.  Now’s when we say, “We didn’t know it’d be this rough, we didn’t know there would be rough weather and cold nights and Indians and rattlesnakes to deal with.  We need to turn the wagons around and head back to town where it is safe.”  And in so doing, the great American frontier was never discovered.  We never saw the Mississippi, never saw the great plains, never saw the Rockies nor put our feet into the blue Pacific.  We never truly lived.  Oh we were safe, but we never truly lived.

Men, we are after LIFE in all this.  We are after the Father.  We are dredging trying to clear the silt out of our channels so the river of life can flow.

You’re going to have to fight for this.  You are going to have to fight.

See you tomorrow morning.


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