more than I can handle…

For many of us, meeting the poser and now being faced with the wound appears to be more than we can handle.  There were tears in the room on Wednesday.  Yes!  Rejoice!  Tears are good.  They are healthy.  They are a sign of a deep inner strength of yours, not a weakness.

Wounds are real.  We all have them.  This is a brutal, brutal world.  To hide those wounds, we wear a mask, a fig leaf, a brilliant disguise.  We buffer ourselves around the wound so we won’t be hurt and that is our pose.

We pose so that no one will see the wounded little boy.  Behind every posing man, there is a wounded boy.

There were 55 men in that room on Wednesday.  Outdoors type men.  Former college football players.  Military men.  Doctors.  Executives.  Mechanics.  Computer experts.  Men of all types, shapes and walks.

But there were also 55 wounded boys in there.  Men who took wounds when they were young and unable to process or understand those wounds and so here 20, 30, 40, 50 years later, we are for the first time seeing our true self.  The self beneath the pose and the wounds that we never dealt with.  The wounds we taped over and yet still fester.

For many of us, yesterday seems the start of something that is “more than I can handle”.  I understand that.  I know.  I know.  It is daunting but men, those tears are real.  There is a reason they are there.  There is a reason all of this happening, a reason God has orchestrated this study at this exact moment of your life.  GOD IS MOVING.

So when faced with the thought of “this is more than I can handle”push into it.  We told you this study was going to be all about new frontiers of the soul and it is.  Don’t turn the wagon train around just because the challenge seems too great.  Push forward.  God will meet you on this road.  Stay with it.

Come Father, come.


One thought on “more than I can handle…

  1. Awesome…now I am really sad I missed it. Going to set alarm clock now in preparation for early Wednesday…in the meantime, Good Friday all….when we consider the price paid by one, The Perfect One at that, to save many (all who will simply receive), what is a little pain from our past?

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