frontier isn’t easy

We said at the start of this that it would be frontier.  Most everything with God is frontier.  Think of Moses or Abraham or the disciples – “drop your nets (give up your job) and join me…”

It isn’t easy but when God calls you to the frontier, He’s going to push you into deeper territory, deeper relationship, deeper dependency on Him.  Sometimes He calls us to give up everything to follow Him.

So here we are now, a long, long way from those Braveheart, 300 and Gladiator clips.  We’re a long way from “an adventure to live”.  We’ve pushed into posing and fig leafs.  Now we’re into wounding and how the wounds of this life shape us.  We’re heading to warfare and how the foul one comes after us.

Needless to say, the frontier isn’t a bed of roses.  Some men have already dropped out.  “It’s too much” or “It’s not for me” or “It’s just easier to sleep in”.  They had a taste and maybe God pulled a bandage back a little and it stung and they opted out.  I’m not judging but the facts are, they’ve stopped coming for some reason.

I understand why.  Posing and wounds, thinking back on childhood and perhaps some unpleasant memories, ain’t a whole lot of fun.  Looking the mirror and seeing how I pose and facing some of the ways my posing hurts those closest to me … there are other things I’d rather do with my time.

And so, I peel back a layer, feel a sting and decide to blanket back up – “Yep, I tried that, it wasn’t for me”.  So be it.  The offer was there.  The invitation to push into some silted over channels of the soul was given.  God was knocking.

He still is.

If you’ve been coming and maybe skipped a few weeks or dropped out entirely, come back.  You may hear something this week or next week that radically reshapes your life.  God may use 45 minutes this Wednesday to expose you to one thing – just one thing – that has been long buried in the channels of your soul and in so doing something incredible can begin.  That very thing happened last week.

It’s already happening.  One man had a huge break through just last week.  Some amazing and beautiful things are happening.  From my vantage point when I look into all your eyes and I see God connecting dots and opening new doors and I hear your words and what you see God doing, it is truly amazing.  We are watching God paint some incredible works of restoration right in front of our eyes.

It’s not too late.  Join us.  Come Holy Spirit, come.  Blow mighty breath of God.  Move upon this place.  Move in power and grace.


One thought on “frontier isn’t easy

  1. Don’t give up on me yet. I have a herniated disk that’s giving me fits and NO rest. I’ll be back as soon as possible. Meanwhile,.I’m following the updates.

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