dealing with pornography head-on

If pornography or sexual addiction is a problem for you, there is hope.  Satan loves to keep things like this in the dark.  He thrives in the darkness.  If you bring an issue like this into the light and invite Jesus into it, you can beat this and get to restoration.

Just this morning, a man walked up and said, “I want in the class on sexual addiction”.  Good for him.  GREAT for him!  Right there in that one action, he brought it into the light.  That’s the critical first step.

Eric Kennedy is starting a series appropriately named, “Living in the Light”.  I’ve been through the material and used it last fall when we addressed pornography at ManSchool.  It is very good.  They are meeting on Sunday afternoons starting a week from this Sunday on Sunday May 3 at 4pm in the prayer room.

This is a great, safe setting for you to begin the process towards freedom.  No shame.  Anonymous.  Just come.  Stop trying to do this alone.

If you want to join the group, please text Eric at 706 575-7470


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