hang in there

Guys, I know it has been tedious and slow.  We’ve deliberately and prayerfully crawled through this material to give it time to soak in.  You’ve been great participants.  Please stick with it.  This week we’ll be talking about the Mother Wound and then next week we move on into learning to hear what God says about us.

We only have a few more weeks in ManSchool this Spring before we break.  Obviously, we won’t finish Wild at Heart and instead, plan to come back next fall and tackle the second half of the book dealing with Eve and Warfare and Adventure.

Thank you for your faithfulness to see this through.  Many men are reporting significant and substantial breakthroughs.  Many are seeing wounds from their past showing back up and they are gathering an understanding for the agreements they’ve made with those past wounds.

As we said last week, sometimes God will resurface old wounds so they can be healed.  Some men brushed off those wounds or stuffed them and they are just now cropping back up.  God wants you to deal with them.  He wants you to invite Jesus into those wounded places so you can see and hear what The Great Healer has to say to you.

It is worth it.  So very worth it.

“Come Lord Jesus, come.  I need you right now in my heart healing those wounded, little boy places that even just today showed up.  Free me Lord Jesus from the bondage – some of it of my own making.  Wounded deeply by others?  Yes.  But I’ve taken those wounds and made agreements with them out of my own self-protection.  What I haven’t done is invite you Lord Jesus into those places.  I haven’t invited you into the places/times my Dad just checked out and abdicated his role.  I invite you there now Lord Jesus.  I invite you into that wounded place where my Mom isn’t a nurturer and where it seems “I don’t matter”.  I invite you Jesus to speak to me about just how very much I matter to you.  Lord I invite you into the woundedness from my brother and his violence towards me, his seeming desire to break me down and his competitiveness against me.  I made agreements in all this…to protect myself.  I took you out of the equation and medicated myself.  I give it over to you Lord Jesus.  You’re all I need.  Your perfect love, it saved me.  When I was unworthy and unloved and minimized, you loved me.  When my whole world showed me “I don’t matter”, you grabbed me by my face and you looked into my eyes and said, “You matter son”.  I love you Lord Jesus.  Forgive me for running.  Forgive me for medicating and chasing idols in a foolish attempt to bring myself comfort.  Come Great Comforter, heal my broken heart.  You are, indeed, all I need.”


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