Antwone Fisher clip

If you were moved this morning by the Antwone Fisher clip, you can watch it below.  Here is a stark contrast.  In the first few minutes, he is meeting with his birth mother for the first time.  He’s asking “why didn’t you ever come for me?”  He’s asking, “Why didn’t you love me?”  He talks of dreaming about her, running through the city looking for her around each corner but never finding her.  He dreamed of her taking him in and making him cookies.  He dreamed…of being loved and wanted by his mother.

She never came for him.

And then in the next part, we get as close to a picture of Heaven as maybe I’ve ever seen in a film.  He leaves his mother and is going to meet his father’s family for the first time.  They didn’t even know he existed.  Look at this scene.  Marvel in it.  Generations of a family there waiting to embrace and love him as he steps through the door.  Much as I imagine Heaven will be for us.  And then, he steps through another door to the elders of his family seated around a banquet feast prepared for his homecoming.  His love is there waiting for him as well and finally his grandmother knocks on the table to get his attention and pulls him close with both hands on his face and simply says “welcome”.

Maybe your Mom didn’t, couldn’t, can’t embrace and accept you as you need but our Lord Jesus does.  He simply wants you to drop your pose and your defense, step through the door so He can pull you in close and look you in the eye to say … welcome.

slide the viewer at the bottom to the 2:17:00 mark.  The total clip is about 10 minutes…   (note, sometimes when these go out as emails, the youtube clips aren’t imbedded.  If you’ll go back to, it is there in the post)



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