We’ll start a new series of short, to the point questions called “RU” and today we’ll ask, “Are you Excurvatus?”  Are you living outward?  It’s a yes or no question.

As we’ve discovered going through Wild at Heart, we all have wounds and we’ve all made agreements with those wounds.  For many of us, we are blanketed up, bandaged up and have retreated our heart in order to no longer be wounded.  Eventually the blankets and bandages suffocate.

Many men in our midst – and you can see this in their eyes – are simply checked out.  You can look at him and here the part of his story that he’s wiling to share (very little) and you can tell he’s living a fraction of the life he’s capable of.  Busy?  Yes.  Dutiful with work and the kids and soccer practice?  Yes.  But at his core, at his heart, he’s walled off, isolated and doing life alone.

Alone.  No true friends other than maybe a hunting or golf buddy or two but these men, as well, are surface level men.  They dare not go any deeper.

All of this to ask, “RU Excurvatus?”  Are you living your life outward?  You see, if you’ve blanketed up and numbed your heart, you’re not living outward.  To live outward means you’ve got to be real, true and vulnerable.  To live outward is to love with no promise of love in return.  To live outward is to live a life of moving towards others.

There is “more” of this life than you’re experiencing.  Don’t you want to be “that man” … real, true, genuine, authentic, vulnerable, alive?



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