what does God say about you?

We’ll have more to share on this morning’s session but in the interim, we have some homework for you.  What does God have to say about you?  Open the Word and find 1-2 verses that speak to this i.e. “knitted together in your mother’s womb” or “you are fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Some of you will know immediately of special, reassuring verses to you of how God shines His favor upon us.  Share them.

I will compile back a list of these and share them with the group at large.  Trust me in this…if you will dig and search, it will bless you and it will bless others.


One thought on “what does God say about you?

  1. This is difficult Richard. Certainly I see and have read many verses that state that God loves all and I am certainly included in all. I long ago determined that I was pretty useless as a human being, via the wound and those walls are coming down slowly. But replacing them with believable statements, the enlightening, positive view of God on my life, character, potential and eventual future is difficult to envision.
    God please be with me, encourage me to capture/accept that I can be a peaceful warrior who ultimately will make a difference in someone elses life; that powerful, uplifting thoughts of myself and the talents you have gifted to me will indeed prevail.

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