more on hearing…

Keep asking.  What will you hear?  I can’t say.  When we talk about hearing God and what He says your true name is what we mean is simply, you will just be hearing what the Creator has to say about you.

It may be a name.  For Craig, it was hearing “you are a McConnell” (his biological father’s name).

Or it may be quite descriptive.  For me it isn’t a name like “Robert” or “Maximus” rather it was a description of flowing words of description that also tied into His plan for my life.

For Mason Stewart, he heard “Your name is Mason.  You are a builder”.  So it was his own name but a twist on his name that God used to direct Mason to the potential God saw in him.

So I can’t tell you what you will hear.  All I can do is implore you simply start asking.  Start the conversational intimacy with the Father and let Him speak to you.  Get that?  “Let” Him.  Do the work on your part to get away, get silent and still.  “Be still and know I am God.”  Do your part to clear the deck mentally and spiritually and ask the Father to speak.


One thought on “more on hearing…

  1. Oh LORD, I love to hear you, for your words are life to me, your heart beats for my heart; let me feel your Presence! Come and be near me for I need You today. Jesus, be my foundation, the rock on which you make me to stand. Be my words flowing from your Spirit through me. Wash me and make me clean, restore me, make me whole as I still my voice and open my heart to you! You are beautiful, and I love YOU!

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