Coach Hugh Freeze – what will you do with your platform?

As a part of our 4-week Summer Series for manschool, yesterday we saw a great talk from Coach Hugh Freeze of Ole Miss.  I had the chance to hear this talk in person when he came to the Columbus FCA banquet and it was amazing.  I encourage you to invest 30 minutes of your time.  That’s right “Invest”.  Take the time to soak this in.

Our theme for the summer is emphasizing “Excurvatus Ex Se” – or a life lived outward.  We’ve spent a lot of time on wounds, our hang ups, unpacking some of the silted over channels of our souls to discover why life isn’t working and what Truth God wants to reveal to us.  All that’s good and worthy … however … what are we to do with it?  What is our call?  Is it to remain in introspection and discovery or is it to take those lessons and put them out into the ministry field.  Instead of living inward, we start living outward.

I believe it is time to shift the focus of our work towards the “outward”.

What’s your call?  What are you going to do with this life you have.  Time is short (we’ll hear from Andy Stanley next week on this) and God has a divine purpose for your life waaaaay beyond the wounds of our past.  It’s time to quit looking out of that narrow rear-view mirror of our past to the wide open road of our future.  There is a world out there desperately lost and desperately in need of our Savior.

This is a great talk and I hope you will listen to it.  Essentially he reminds us that each of us has a platform.  His is that of a football coach but as he says, whether you’re a coach, CEO, school teacher or the lady who brings warm chocolate chips weekly to the Ole Miss team, we all have that “thing” that is our platform to minister.

manschool tomorrow AM 6:30

we will start a 4 week manschool “lite” tomorrow morning at 6:30am focusing on Excurvatus Ex Se“A life lived outward”.

Tomorrow we will hear from Coach Hugh Freeze of Ole Miss.  You’ll enjoy his talk.

Coffee will be served, biscuits…not.  Hey, it’s manschool “lite” !!!

Jesus said, “I love you” in the parking lot of Tractor Supply…

In my summer of adventuring, I had a doozy on Saturday.  I had to replace a big part on a tractor and set out early to get it done.  By 10am it was already hotter than hades and I realized I could not budge the bolts I needed to remove to make the swap.  So I headed for Tractor Supply to get some help.  It’s really quite freeing to ask for help by the way.  After about five hours the new part was in place and all was well.  I was covered from head to toe in sweat, grease and grime.  It was great.

But something remarkable happened in the parking lot at Tractor Supply.

When I pulled in, an older man was standing in front of my truck talking to a girl a few spaces down who had her car door open smoking a cigarette.  It was a tight spot to pull in but the place was full.  We waived me into my spot.  I got out of the truck and went around behind the truck and realized he’d walked to my driver’s side and he was still talking to me.  As I came back around the other side he approached me, all smiles and just a chattering away.  As it turns out, he thought I looked just like his “boss man”, a local attorney (who I know).  He apologized and just a kept on talking about that he’d worked for him for 38 years doing pretty much anything he needed on his farm, running a bush hog, tending to cattle, etc.  He said he sure was a nice man.  I agreed.

I wished him a good day and went in the store.  About 20 minutes later I came walking back out and found two five dollar bills laying on the curb.  I picked them up and turned around to go in the store and realized there were about 50 people in there and it would be nearly impossible to identify the rightful owner of that cash.  So I put it in my pocket and headed back to my truck.  As I walked by a small truck to get in mine, I heard a honk and that gentleman had seen me, reached over and honked.  As I sat down I looked over and he was inside the cab of the truck just waiving and waiving at me.  I pulled out, rolled down my window and waived back.

I pulled around the store and was heading out and just as sure as I’m typing this, I heard, “Go back and give him that money.  You don’t need it.  He does.”  I whipped around and pulled back to my spot.  By this point, he was out of the truck helping his boss for the day load up dog food and other assorted items.  I edged up next to him and nudged him and he turned and just started smiling that same big ole smile.  “Here.  I found this on the parking lot.  Someone dropped it and I had no way to identify the rightful owner.  I want you to have it.  Go and buy yourself a nice lunch today.” 

His smile got even bigger and he started laughing a joyful laugh.  “Aw man, I don’t know what to say.  God bless you.  God bless you.  I just don’t know what to say.  I love you.”  I laughed with him and told him God had told me to give him that money and that it paid to be kind to people.  He had been kind to me earlier and God wanted to thank him.  He said, “Oh yes sir, it sure does pay to be kind to folks.  Thank you again.”   Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

I drove away thinking, “Jesus just told me He loves me”.

OK so maybe I should have been more aggressive in finding the rightful owner of that $10.  To whoever it was, take heart, your misfortune blessed someone else.  I don’t know what was the right thing to do in that moment but I know this, I heard God and followed His nudge and through it all, I am convinced of this, I heard Jesus tell me in a very hot Tractor Supply parking lot, “I love you.”

Excurvatus Ex Se A life lived outward.

manschool this summer + prayer

We will offer manschool “lite” starting next Wednesday June 24th at 6:30am.  We plan to be done by 7:30am.  The theme for the summer will be “living beyond self” – Excurvatus Ex Se – living outward.  The plan is to meet for 4 consecutive weeks and end on July 15th.  We’ll see what we do after that.

the plan for the summer months will be to meet for about 45 minutes and then give about 15 minutes for either a group discussion or small group breakouts.  It’s “lite”.  No pressure, no expectations, no week to week commitment.  Come every week, come when you can, bring a friend, skip a week and vacate, etc.

Robin Carr feels a call to lead a time of weekly prayer for manschool and the men of Christ Community.  Here is the offering…

Come Let Us Pray Together

Enter into His Gates with thanksgiving and into His Courts with Praise. Bless His Name. For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting, and His Truth endures! 

Worship and Prayer: A time of meeting with Father God, thanking Him and praising Him, and listening to Jesus and asking Him.  No “book” other than the Bible, no study series, no outline to get through. Just hearts open to be filled by Holy Spirit.

This is a call to pray together for Manschool and for Men’s Ministries in general of Christ Community Church. This is not a “Leadership” meeting; it is for every manIf this speaks to you, join us.     If you are curious, come and see.    If you are hesitant, give it a try.    There are no expectations required, just be you.  But you very well may experience Jesus’ Presence!

Place: the Prayer Room. Time: 12:20 p.m. Tuesday, June 23rd.   Each week: Tuesday 12:20 p.m. Prayer Room.

manschool this summer. RU?

RU needing manschool this summer?  RU missing it?  Or RU in a place of restoration and renewal and OK with holding off a bit?  I need to hear.  So far, just one man has asked me “when are we starting back up?”  That’s totally cool.  It tells me things are well.  I know a number of men are meeting for breakfast or lunch or fellowship to keep the energy moving and the connections growing.  How about you?  RU?

Or … are you back to doing life alone?

So two questions1) Do you want to start back soon with manschool soon    and    2) Is there any special topic or desire or issue you’d like us to address.

Let me hear from you in the comment section below.

In the meantime, I am adventuring loving being outdoors, loving the heat, loving the South.  I took my youngest daughter on Friday south of Ocala to work at a Young Life camp for three weeks and on a hunch, decided to see if I could go see “The Swamp” at Florida Field where the Gators play.  Now I’m no Gator fan but oh how I love the stadiums of the SEC and even though I’m not a Gator, you’ve got to admire the passion of “The Swamp”.  I was delighted to discover the stadium was wide open and welcoming for visitors!  I followed a nudge and yes, God met me in a swamp!  I’ve also been taking pictures of sunsets and thunderstorms and I find God speaking to me in these moments.



swamp 2