manschool this summer. RU?

RU needing manschool this summer?  RU missing it?  Or RU in a place of restoration and renewal and OK with holding off a bit?  I need to hear.  So far, just one man has asked me “when are we starting back up?”  That’s totally cool.  It tells me things are well.  I know a number of men are meeting for breakfast or lunch or fellowship to keep the energy moving and the connections growing.  How about you?  RU?

Or … are you back to doing life alone?

So two questions1) Do you want to start back soon with manschool soon    and    2) Is there any special topic or desire or issue you’d like us to address.

Let me hear from you in the comment section below.

In the meantime, I am adventuring loving being outdoors, loving the heat, loving the South.  I took my youngest daughter on Friday south of Ocala to work at a Young Life camp for three weeks and on a hunch, decided to see if I could go see “The Swamp” at Florida Field where the Gators play.  Now I’m no Gator fan but oh how I love the stadiums of the SEC and even though I’m not a Gator, you’ve got to admire the passion of “The Swamp”.  I was delighted to discover the stadium was wide open and welcoming for visitors!  I followed a nudge and yes, God met me in a swamp!  I’ve also been taking pictures of sunsets and thunderstorms and I find God speaking to me in these moments.



swamp 2


6 thoughts on “manschool this summer. RU?

  1. Before I get to the questions…..DA NA NA NA NA. GO GATORS!!!!
    So two questions. 1) Do you want to start back soon with manschool soon? A resounding YES from me! and 2) Is there any special topic or desire or issue you’d like us to address? I have been doing personal study on Character. I think it ties in with the topics we have tackled since I first joined ManSchool some 7 months ago. I can elaborate if you would like.

  2. I am ok with holding off until the fall. We have too much travel in the works.

    Thanks, Tommy P.

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  3. Hey Richard, Hope your doing well. I could use it- hope you can put it together. Lunch?

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    LiveUP1 posted: “RU needing manschool this summer? RU missing it? Or RU in a place of restoration and renewal and OK with holding off a bit? I need to hear. So far, just one man has asked me “when are we starting back up?” That’s totally cool. It tells me things are”

  4. Richard, summer is very busy and I could use the break, but I still need to meet with my brothers regularly to stay focused. I suspect that we could all use some regular meeting times. I am not sure of how to structure this other than to just do it.

  5. I’ve been enjoying the outdoors as in the AT and Mt Rogers, VA. Enjoying His presence in His amazing nature creation. And what I am hearing is praying, listening, worshiping – all in expectant wonder – quiet and yet full of life as a thunderstorm. So a focus I would like in meeting together for the summer is “the Daily prayer,” worship, fellowship. Maybe every other week for an hour, alternating weeks small groups getting together and a convenient time and place.

  6. Thanks Richard for your comments and prayers. I am busy with family trips and transitions. I would like to get together at least once for the summer. I hope we can continue this fall with the completion of Wild at Heart. Blessings!


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