Time & Beauty

at manschool this morning, we started with a focus on beauty.  From the “And Sons Magazine” blog please take a minute and read this blog post and look at the pictures.  Let it soak in …


and if you want a stunning look at the beauty only God could create, check out this 4 minute video…


Lastly, we heard a great talk from Andy Stanley on time.  It is quite fitting that we started with a focus on beauty and then transitioned to time.  Andy’s talk is a must watch session, especially as he shares insights from Bronnie Ware on her observations as a Hospice nurse.  Moses in Psalms 90 reminds us that each of us has an allotment of time and when our time is up, it is up.  Think of it this way – we all have this sliver of time and God is just sitting there with an “I just can’t wait to see what they do with their time”.  Imagine God coming to manschool one day and handing each one of us $10,000 with the instructions to go out there that day and put that money to the most creative and highest best use we could imagine for someone else’s benefit.  Then imagine in his anticipation as we come back into the room in the evening as we give an account for how we’ve invested that time…ummm…I meant to say that money.

You see, I kinda figure that’s the way Heaven’s going to be as we get to report what we did with the blessing that is our time on this earth.

Viewed in that context, that our days are numbered and we’d better make sure we’re making the most of them, it reorders our perspective on … time.

Next week we’re going to hear Erwin McManus speak on our call as believers to go and share our faith … to make the most of our time.  To live outward, sharing these gifts we have with a lost and deeply broken world, instead of making it all about me and living inwardly.

Watch Andy.  Let me know what you think.  Join us next Wednesday at 6:30am.  We only have two more weeks of this manschool “lite” but we’re getting a ton of great teaching.

LiveUP!   LiveOutward!



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