prayer & manschool

Robin is hosting a weekly prayer session to gather men to pray for the men’s ministry and manschool and our church.  

They meet tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:20pm in the prayer room.

Manschool is Wednesday morning at 6:30am.  This week we will hear Erwin McManus give a powerful call to live outside of self, to live outward.  He talks about their church and the church’s mission to LA and it is very, very appropriate to Christ Community Church.  

Are we going to be a church that lives outward?  Are we going to be members that just keep taking and taking and taking and never giving back?  Are we going to keep coming to church to get what we need or are we going to use church as a platform to launch us out into this community to give them what they need??

Please join us.


One thought on “prayer & manschool

  1. Awesome message Wednesday morning! Especially appreciated the insight that Phil shared as it concerned the nature of Jesus and that we don’t ever see Jesus “taking” except for His quiet times in communion with the Father. A life lived outward is the only way to go. The movers and shakers in this life, this world are very rarely, if ever seen as greedy, self-centered, prideful, self motivated individuals. Rather those that make an impact are one, outward focused and two, supported by a cast of like-minded friends, family and community. As the men of this church we must pray and live the following: God, help me/us to take the focus off ourselves and turn it towards this lost world via the heart and cross of Jesus.

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