last manschool tomorrow

Last week we heard a great call from Erwin McManus on the “Here & the Now” – essentially that our faith is not for some far off distant time and place of eternity but rather it is for right here, right now.  He reminded us that our greatest success/dreams cannot be achieved alone but in community, in a tribe.  King David – who we attribute as a hero, was enabled by a tribe that came alongside him to fight for him.  Agile and fearless warriors with faces that “looked like lions” joined the fight to help David become King.  David couldn’t have done it alone.  Loyal and united, they were filled with God’s spirit, they declared their loyalty to David and his success.

McManus reminds us that too many churches are suburban and safe and we cannot go to war if we want to remain safe.  Our faith isn’t for “safe”.  We have to remain humble, adaptable, flexible and courageous to go where we’re not wanted.  Our culture doesn’t want us.  Society isn’t committed to “each other” instead it is cannibalistic and committed to “winning at any cost”.  They desire the pursuit of self and so while they don’t want us, they need us because we bring Jesus.

We must step UP and step into the life of adventure and risk and fight for those around us who are lost and off track.  We are here for a reason and people will never connect to God if we don’t steward our responsibility.  The church isn’t a buffet where we just take and take and take.  Sadly too many of us come to church to get our fill, get our needs met, take what we need and leave nothing behind.  No, our call is to go and give it all away to others and build the Kingdom of love, grace and forgiveness.

The message was clearly Excurvatus Ex Se – a life and a faith lived outward

Joe Morrow had this to say about last week – “Awesome message Wednesday morning!  Especially appreciated the insight that Phil shared as it concerned the nature of Jesus and that we don’t ever see Jesus “taking” except for His quiet times in communion with the Father.  A life lived outward is the only way to go.  The movers and shakers in this life, this world are very rarely, if ever seen as greedy, self-centered, prideful, self motivated individuals.  Rather those that make an impact are one, outward focused and two, supported by a cast of like-minded friends, family and community.  As the men of this church we must pray and live the following: God, help me/us to take the focus off ourselves and turn it towards this lost world via the heart and cross of Jesus.”  Amen.

Tomorrow – we wrap up manschool lite with a stirring message from Craig McConnell talking about his battle with leukemia and how God has moved in his life.  You don’t want to miss it.


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