Is it worth getting up early for manschool? Wow! Read this…


Dave Jeffers a member of our tribe shares this…

So is it really worthwhile getting up early in the morning for Manschool?  Does it really matter?  Won’t I get more out of another hour of sleep?  For those of you who might be thinking that, let me tell you my story.  Last week we heard from Craig McConnell, a leukemia patient, talk about his experience in the hospital and God telling him that regardless of his circumstances, he want him to pray for others and not worry so much his own condition.  So here’s where my story starts.  I too, am a leukemmia patient and was scheduled for some out-patient surgery this past Friday.  Mind you, this was the first surgery I have ever had, so I was just a little anxious.  But I heard God speak to me through Craig’s experience.  He was saying “I want you to pray for others, I’ve got you!” I kept hearing it over and over again all the way to Friday. So Friday morning came early.  They always want you there at O-dark-thrity!  We arrived about 5:15 AM and proceded to the surgery waiting room.  We hadn’t been there more than a few minutes and they called me back.  They gave me the gown that Craig affectionately referred to as a “bib” and hooked me up to the heart monitor.  I had a low blood pressure and I laughed a bit with the nurse and told her I was supposed to worry about the other patients – God had me!  While I laid there, I could hear the conversations with the other patients, understood what they were there for and knew how to pray for them.  I laid there for over an hour without anyone interrupting me for IVs, or questions confirming why I was there, and continued to pray for others.  I think that was a God-thing!  Finally the Doctor came in and was amazed that no one had done anything to get me ready for surgery and proceded to get the ball rolling.  Everything was happening at breakneck speed.  Well, I obviously came through the surgery fine – after all, God had me!  I couldn’t decide if I should share my experience or not but I thought if it helps just one other man to start coming to Manschool to see what God wants to say to him, it’s worth it.  I believe God speaks to us in many ways and many times through others.  I certainly heard God speak to me through Craig’s experience.

So I want to encourage you if you’re not coming to Manschool because you’re not sure what difference it might make, to show up and see what God has to say to you.  You never know when God is going to speak to you, you just need to keep listening and show up!  See you in the Fall!


2 thoughts on “Is it worth getting up early for manschool? Wow! Read this…

  1. Very powerful testimony. In line with mine as well. He has us in His hands guys! I know that to be Truth, have full trust in the Tyune of Father Son and Holy Spirit, give all to Jesus, he has it, pray constantly for His strength, Phil. 4:13.
    Pray for others constantly as well, if your surrendered to Him, if you have put Him first than He has you, wash the feet of others and pray for them, be the servant model of Jesus for all people.

  2. AWESOME story! Thanks, Dave, for sharing your God-moment with us. An inspiring testimony of how God speaks and the blessing of joy and life that follows when we respond to his voice. I pray God’s rich grace of healing for you, and the joyful, peace of His presence along the way.

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