Being a man in this society takes courage.  Being a man of God, a man after God’s heart, a man of integrity … takes real courage.  Courage is hard to come by.  So many forces come against us men – Satan, our fear, our insecurities, our past failures, our passivity, etc.

But, we’ve got things to do.

We have a battle to fight, an adventure to live and a beauty to rescue.  Marriage is tough.  It’s incredibly hard – even in the best of marriages.  It’s just not easy.  Christian marriage is opposed.  Opposed by society, opposed by the evil one.  It takes courage to pursue your wife.  It takes courage to keep going after her when she repeatedly says “no”.  It takes courage because many of us fear her.  We’ve taken the question of who we are as men to our wives and given them the power to validate us as men and it hasn’t worked.  Eve is fallen just like you are.  She isn’t equipped nor designed to answer that question of who you are as a man.  You are supposed to get that from God.  Period.  Let God father you and equip, train and reward you.  Let God build confidence in you and then what you bring to Eve isn’t the question of “Do I have what it takes?” but rather, you bring to her a deep, confident strength that you know you have what it takes.  She will respond to that.  She’ll never respond to the little boy saying “Validate me.  Do I have what it takes?” 

It takes courage to look beyond Eve for our validation.

Fear stands in our way.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of being told “no” over and over as we reach our hand towards her in the bed.  Fear she will expose me for the failure I am.  Fear that she will reveal my weaknesses to others and castrate me.

That fear isn’t from the Lord.

Men, it’s time to kick fear’s ass.  I read this while on vacation – “Courage is looking fear in the eye and saying, “Get out of my way, I’ve got something to do”.

You’ve got something to do.  You need to lead your family.  You need to take responsibility for the spiritual leadership of your home.  You need to be in the Word.  I’m reading a Proverb a day this month.  There are 31 Proverbs and 31 days this month – one a day.  I’m letting God teach me about wisdom.  By the way if you struggle with temptation, the other woman or pornography, read “today’s” Proverb – Proverbs 6.  God goes right at those issues in this chapter.

That’s a start for me but I need to do more.  I need to lead.  Need to face down fear and embrace courage from the Father.

it’s time to get after it…