Warfare – session 1

here are the slides from today …. W@H warfare 1

Before I forget, please get your copy of Wild at Heart and be reading Chapter 8 and 9.  They will help you with next week’s video and we’ll be discussing these chapters the week after next.

This morning, wow.  You saw first-hand what spiritual warfare looks like.  The assault started on me last night about 1am.  I woke up about every 30 minutes fearing I would oversleep.  Out of bed at 5am, I got distracted trying to load a song onto my phone to listen to while I shaved.  Frustration came.  Confusion.  Loss of focus.  Before I knew it, it was 5:35 and I still wasn’t ready.  In the kitchen around 5:40 and I foolishly decided to try to whip up a protein shake.  Total mess.  I was shaky, disoriented and it almost felt like an out-of-body experience.  Driving down River Road, I got behind a slow moving logging truck loaded with fresh cut pine trees.  At 5:45 in the morning!  Coming into the church I was still disoriented.  Thankfully Derrick took charge, loaded up music and got everyone started.  My computer didn’t work.  None of my browsers would load.  Nothing was working.  Finally, it came together and we had a good session.  But men, that is spiritual warfare.  Frustration, distraction, confusion, disoriented, shaky, etc.  It felt like I was in a fog or trying to walk through a wall of marsh mellows.

It is no coincidence that we met to launch into spiritual warfare and warfare raged against us.  Thankfully, as He always does, God took what Satan meant for evil and He turned it into good.  It was a great illustration, in person, right in front of you of spiritual warfare.

The truth is, I knew better.  I’ve struggled with sleep the night before most launches of manschool.  I’ve never faced a battle like this one today around manschool but I should have known.  I needed to prepare for battle yesterday.  Realizing what I was going into and what was at stake, prayer and the full armor of God should have been in place last night.  It wasn’t.  But I will assure you, it will be next week.

“You have an enemy that prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour.”  …to maul.  He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat, all he does is look for his next victim.  I was vulnerable and he took me out. 

The key take away today from John’s talk was the recognition that spiritual warfare is a given.  It’s all through the Gospels.  What makes us think that stuff only happened 2,000 years ago?  No, it rages today – now perhaps more than ever.  You are being assaulted on all sides, all day.  Your kids are.  Your wife is.  In fact, what better way to take out a warrior man than to go after his wife?  Remember, Satan came after Eve, not Adam.

So it is coming and we are commanded to arm ourselves.  “Resist the devil and he will flee”.  He’s coming and it is your job to resist, your job to arm yourself and prepare and it is your job to seek allies to help and guard your flanks against the attack.

The enemy’s tactic is to distort.  He knows your weaknesses and he knows your story.  He knows where you’re vulnerable, where your past hurts hide and he will come after those.  He will take your story and twist it.  He is the father of all lies and he will spin your story to whisper “You are a failure” or “You’ll never amount to anything” or “You see, God never comes through for you.  He comes through for Jack but never for you”.  He uses deception, distortion, malaise, confusion, guilt, shame or fear to personalize his attack on you.  (many of these came at me this morning) 

What happens next is crucial.  We believe it.  It seems so personalized that we settle on the conclusion, “it must be the truth.”  He’s a master at his deception.

And this is where we get in huge trouble … we agree with him.  We make an agreement.  Agreements are deadly – like the man this morning who was convinced that was God telling him on his honeymoon, “you married the wrong person”.  The agreement became the filter through which he saw the rest of his marriage.  Refusing to believe in warfare and convinced it was God, he lost his marriage.  Agreements shape your life.  You have way more in place than you realize.  I uncover new agreements all the time.

Why is it you feel the way you do?  Why are you convinced _______ is true?  What opinion have you settled in with about your wife?  What are the things you keep saying to yourself under your breath?

These are agreements and I will bet even as you read this that you immediately realize how the “voices” in your past have shaped your life.  We’re going to go much deeper, much farther into this frontier over the coming weeks.  For some of you, this is a completely new concept.  That’s great.  Push into it.  The last thing the enemy wants is for you to drag some long held belief you have spoken over yourself out of the dark basement of your mind and into the light of truth.  He thrives in the darkness.  Jesus heals in the light.  Open this up, get it out and figure out the root of these agreements you have.  We don’t seek to do this alone and it is why a “band of brothers” or a “Tribe of men” is so crucial to your walk as a man.  A Christian man attempting to do life alone, an island to himself, is a sitting duck.

We have much more territory to venture into.  I promise you, next week, I will be well equipped and armed for battle.  You need to be too. 

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