what you feed … grows (a thought on agreements)

We’ve talked about this a lot in our past sessions – “What you feed grows.  What your starve dies”.

When we think about these agreements we’ve made, think about it this way.  The enemy will use distortion, half-truths, fear, shame, etc. to spin the events of your life and through this, he’ll begin to lead you to some conclusions about your life – “I am a screw-up” or “I’ll never amount to anything” or “My wife is such a _____” or “God never comes through for me”.

He offers up a lie, twisted in a way to be so personal to your story that it starts to seem so “real” to you.

And … you start to agree with it.  “Yep, that’s pretty much true, my marriage will never change, she’ll always be this way”

If you agree with it, you’ve made an agreement.

My thought for you today is this, if you continue to feed this agreement, it will continue to grow and as we’ve seen, eventually it can shape your whole life.  You need to starve it.  It is time to ask God to show you the agreements you’ve made about yourself, those things that you find yourself continually speaking over yourself or the things you constantly say about others in your life … and … you need to break them.

Starve them.  Give them no power.  STOP saying them over and over.  Stop it.  Fight back.  You’re not a screw up or a failure.  God has redeemed you.  He is about the process of restoring you.  So when the statement comes back up, don’t you dare feed it.  No, you knock it back to hell as a lie from the father of all lies.  You’re going to have to fight this but if you will stop saying it over yourself and renounce it as a lie and invite Jesus to take that agreement away from you, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it can be broken.

much more on this next Wednesday…


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