October Sky

The impact of Wednesday’s discussion on adventure was far deeper than I anticipated.  It stirred something in many of our hearts.  In the small group I visited, I was struck by how many men in that room had shed tears during the story of October Sky.  For many men, it triggered the father wound they had received but it also brought a deep conviction to them about their own role as a father.  Another man afterwards told me he was glad we kept the lights off because he was trying not to come apart.

There is more here we will unpack.  Good things.  Worthy things.  I ask you to do some digging  yourself.  What is going on in your heart? What happened to you on Wednesday morning?  What is God stirring and what are you doing about it?

The final scene from October Sky is attached here – you see the entire community is there, captivated by Homer’s dream.  As the rocket flies, you see the town looking up at hope soaring into the sky.  You see coal miners looking up and you know they are wishing they too had pursued a dream.  You see his teacher lying on her death bed – her dream fulfilled of enabling these young men to pursue their dream.  And lastly, you see his Dad, realizing the magnitude of all his son had accomplished in spite of his demands that the boy work in the coal mine.  You see a father’s pride.

The Father has that same pride for you.  The Holy One puts his arm around you every day as you fight this fight and pursue your dream/calling and as you fight for those in your care. With His arm across your back embracing you, He says, “Well done son. Well done”.


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