Wild at Heart – Sonship (2)

This music video by Jimmy Wayne captures much of what we’ve been talking about in regards to Sonship.  The little boy keeps reaching his arms out asking for love from his dad.  Even though he is rejected, he pursues.  He never gives up hope.  And as you see rather emotionally, he comes to the realization that the very things he wanted from his Dad, God was always offering him.  With arms stretched wide, God never gave up, never quit pursuing us even to the Cross.

As Morgan said this morning, “God is bigger than the loss of a father”.  You see that in this music video.

In Braveheart’s opening scene we see young William with his father, enjoying him, knowing he is loved.  Then innocence is lost.  The assault comes.  He loses his father.  At the funeral, the girl comes and gives him a flower.  The flower is God saying to him, “Don’t shut your heart down.”  The uncle comes and takes him in.  He teaches him manhood and the things of a warrior.  Teaches him Latin.

Wallace goes on pilgrimage and in so doing, releases control.  He goes away from home to be fathered.

Leaving the old life and going on pilgrimage is the greatest risk you will ever take as a man but you must go.  The only way to receive God as father is to relinquish control of the world you have, the safety, the demanding of your father to come through for you dead or alive – you have to leave that and receive God’s invitation to take a pilgrimage away from home and to be fathered by Him.

In Morgan’s life, he had father wounds via a dad who worked 7 days a week.  But it has come full circle.  He now sees his Dad as a father but there is no pressure on the man to come through.  Morgan no longer demands that his father come through to meet his needs.  Morgan is a validated, confidant man.  He knows his True Father and he knows what God says about him.  So he can release his dad, enjoy him and even offer a strength to him.

Morgan serves under really good kings.  Godly men – John, Bart and Craig.  Each is a part of Morgan’s father image.  Each brings him something he needs to soak in – things his earthly father can’t provide for him.  But no single man can fill that need for “father”.  It is too much to put on a man.

He even had an 83-year old woman teach him how to shoot a bow!  Morgan needed someone to teach him, prayed the Father to come and father him through this and at the bow store, he gets an 83-year old woman.  So Morgan goes with it and as it turns out she was an Olympic archer who has taught youth for 43 years.

Morgan questions, “How do you give him what you don’t have?”  That’s a real question for all of us as men in regards to our sons.  If you didn’t “get it” from your Dad, what do you bring your son?

Morgan is now very, very intentional about what he is bringing to his own 10-year old son – from teaching him about bow hunting, knives, camping, processing a deer, reading books, riding bikes, campfires and stories, Saturdays at Dunkin Donuts … Morgan is present in Joshua’s life and intentional about schooling him in the art of being a man … fathering him.

He has learned how to ask to be fathered in many things.  Every time there is a project around the house, he’ll go to Home Depot and pray before he goes in, “Lord father me through this”.  Invites God into it.  And every time, help has come to walk Morgan through the “how to do this”.   NAPA commercial, “Just because you have to do it alone doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself.”

A little humility and a lot of questions and God will father you through it.

And as each sage comes along and teaches you and shows you how … a little substance is transferred to you as a man.  Find men and ask them to father you.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  When the son is ready, the father will appear.  He will discover that the father needs him as much as the son needs the father.  The sage gets much from showing you the way.

“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”  Jeremiah 6:16

God will father you.  He will show you the ancient paths.  If you invite Him in and let Him do it.  It is available.  More.

We need to first ask Him to heal our unbelief that He can or will.  It all starts with releasing our earthly fathers – letting them go, taking the demand off of them (whether dead or alive) that they must come through for you.  Once you release them, you see them as a son just like you are – it radically shifts the relationship.  No longer insisting that they come through, you will find you can come alongside them and that you have much to bring to them.  It starts here and then it goes to asking other men (or 83 year old women!) to father you in many things from bow hunting, to finances, to marriage, to fixing things around your house or many of the “I have no clue … will you show me’s” in this life.  And most importantly, it is ALL about asking The Father to father you.  Bring God in and let the Father speak into your heart.

And we ended with this song as a prayer.  I love this song.  It captures this step of faith we must make toward Sonship, this pilgrimage…

“I’ve come to this place in my life I’m full but I’ve not satisfied this longing to have more of You.  And I can feel it my heart is convinced.  I’m thirsty my soul can’t be quenched.  You already know this but still come and do whatever You want to.

I’m standing knee deep but I’m out where I’ve never been and I feel You coming and I hear Your voice in the wind.

Would you come and tear down the boxes that I have tried to put You in.  Let love come teach me who You are again.  Would you take me back to the place where my heart was only about You and all I wanted was just to be with You?
Come and do whatever You want to.

And further and further my heart moves away from the shore whatever it looks like, whatever may come I am Yours
And further and further my heart moves away from the shore whatever it looks like, whatever may come I am Yours

Then You crash over me and I’ve lost control but I’m free.  I’m going under, I’m in over my head
Then you crash over me, and that’s where You want me to be.

I’m going under, I’m in over my head.  Whether I sink, whether I swim, it makes no difference when I’m beautifully in over my head
Whether I sink, whether I swim, it makes no difference when I’m beautifully in over my head”



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