The Very Best of Manschool

If you were in church yesterday, you know the topic for Manschool this semester.  We begin this journey, next Wednesday morning the 27th at 6am in the Milgen room at the church.  We are going to go back over the past four years and pull out the very best of our material and give to you the foundational pillars of this ministry.  Many of you are new to our Tribe and missed the first few years.  It will be incredibly valuable for you.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to take Manschool up another notch and draw in new men that have missed all that we’ve done.  This is an incredible discipleship opportunity for you to bring a friend from work or from our church or your neighborhood that perhaps you’ve been talking about what you’ve been experiencing in Manschool.  Now he has the chance to see it all “from the start” and get fully up to speed.

Keith’s call to discipleship yesterday is spot on to exactly what we’re doing in Manschool.  We’ve been having 40-70 men in our midst.  There is no reason it can’t or shouldn’t be 100.  The more men that come, the more men that can come alive to real, authentic, transparent relationships with Christ and other men.

Let’s dream big.  Let’s come alive.  Let’s take it all up another notch.  I need you to pray.  This will come under full assault and opposition.  I need you to personally commit to praying over these next 10 days in preparation.  I also need you to register on the link attached that you’re coming and, more importantly, committing to see it through to the end.


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