Manschool starts THIS Wednesday the 27th at 6am

As a reminder, Manschool kicks off this Wednesday morning January 27th.  So far about 20 men have registered to attend.  If you are coming, please complete this step…

We will be going through “The Very Best of Manschool” and it is a great chance for you to catch up on all that we’ve done over the past four years.  It is also a great opportunity to bring a friend who hasn’t been a part of our Tribe.  As Keith and Billy testified to today, community is crucial to our walk with Christ and Manschool is a true community of men striving to learn together, grow together and fortify together.

Billy gave a great analogy this morning of the two mailing envelopes.  The strong envelope, the one fortified with fibers running through it, can withstand the hard punches.  The paper envelope collapses under one punch and is in shreds after a few more.  As Mike Tyson said, “Every man has a plan until he gets punched in the mouth”.  Life is going to punch you in the mouth at some point.  Many men in our Tribe have been through those punches, shared them with us and we’ve walked alongside them through it.

Manschool is fiber.  It is the fiber of the body of Christ weaving through men, fortifying us, empowering us to not go it alone and to radically seek a devoted life following Christ.

Please join us on Wednesday and please register on the link.  One more thing, we have a man that lives on Edgewood Road, right next to the Shriner’s Club that needs a ride each week.  If you think this is a ministry you want to consider, reply back and I will connect you to him.



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