Bart Hanson from Ransomed Heart

Bart Hanson with Ransomed Heart – I am very pleased to tell you that Bart Hanson from Colorado with John Eldredge’s Ransomed Heart Ministries will be with us, in person, on Wednesday February 17th at 6am for Manschool.  Bart speaks at the Wild at Heart retreats and is a key member of their ministry.  Bart is very familiar with what we are doing at Manschool and he just wants to join us to affirm what we’re doing and to share with us what is on his heart.  I really want to encourage as many of our men to be there to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.  We have 55-60 men coming to Manschool and I want more men than that to hear from Bart.  If you are not presently attending Manschool but would like to hear Bart, please respond below so I can get an idea of how many will be coming.  Please mark your calendar and make every effort to attend on the 17th.  It should be a great morning and we are humbled that he wants to invest in us with this time.



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