comments from you…

Here are some recent comments from you on “The Vine…”

Yancy Helton – Thank you so much for getting this out so quickly . . . have shared the highlights with others this morning . . . now they can get it all!!

Joe Morrow – Hi brothers…..sorry I missed the entire message and group time.  What I did catch stirred in me immensely all day yesterday and I struggled most of the night with it as well.  Like almost every aspect of my life, including my Christian walk, I find that I am inconsistent in relying on God and God alone for the “life” which He so freely offers.  I run hot and cold and while cold it definitely degrades the quality of my existence and of those that rely on me to be plugged in, branch receiving, fruit producer that I was intended to be through Him.  Pray that I might really make strides in this area by simply letting God…….

Robin Carr – As I see the sunset picture and view the videos and countless mental videos of glorious places I have been privileged to see, I am reminded of the creation story in Genesis and its direct parallel to John 1.  God made light, and He made us – His sons – with eyes that can see all this that He made, and marvel at His greatness, and we rejoice in the ability He gave us to enjoy it all.  How lavish He is with us. I feel indescribably special and cared for!   Then in John, the Maker of light, is the Light, and has come to us – in person – to shine into our eyes in person and into our hearts.  Remember, there were 400 years in Egypt before the redemption at Passover, and there were 400 years from the Prophets to the Living Light of redemption coming to us.  The Father – our Father – does not forget us in our present distress; He always comes through!

And then, back from a post in April on “the wound” – we have a few people outside our community that have found our blog and follow it.  This comment came from a woman who follows us … Thank you so very much for this.  After being saved for almost twenty years, I developed such anger that I started fighting with my family and have been running away from the situation and at the same time disregarding God’s command of honoring my parents.  Thank you because I do realize that I didn’t deal with my past hurts but was a posing woman in a wounded girl.   I am now going to invite my savior to heal those wounds and receive my freedom.  To God be the glory.

I thought all of these were encouraging and are worth sending out to you,





One thought on “comments from you…

  1. Thanks for sharing those messages.
    I pray that we continue to ask our Lord to increase our faith in Him, that He allows us to come to those critical times in our lives, so that we become stronger, determined men, who come to fully understand our true purpose in Him.

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