Whose voice are you listening to?  Who tells you that you are “less”?  That you are “worthless”?  That you’ll never amount to anything.  Will always be a failure.  Will never be loved or you don’t matter?

It is amazing how much credibility we place on the words of others.  Others who are failed, broken, shameful people in their own right.  We’ve let those voices define us.

It is time to take that territory back.  It is time to surrender those voices to the Lord and let Him speak over you what He thinks about His marvelous creation.  You are, indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made.  He delights in you.  He dreams great dreams for you.  He installed unique gifts and talents and creativity and passions in you.

It is time to believe the Great Artist and let Him heal your wounded and damaged heart as He drenches your soul, as mercy and grace unfold.  Come Holy Spirit.  Come.


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