morning Lord…

panera sunrise1

God showed up this morning at Panera Bread.  A few of us gathered to do life together and to push into each other’s lives and as we arrived, this greeted us.

These sunrises and sunsets speak to us.  They magnify the Creator.  They minimize the problems of our lives.  Life is short and in reality, the problems of this life are just specs compared to the VOICE of the Creator.

Whose voice are you listening to?  The voice of all these problems that hover over you that you struggle to manage and control … or … the VOICE of the ONE who created it all and is in total control?

Let God speak to you today and this weekend.  Find space to “be still and know I am God”.  Surrender those voices that you have allowed to take root in your soul.  Give that space back to God.  Listen to Him.


Be still.

And know.


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