Voices – who are you listening to?

In a continuation of last week’s talk on “Who told you that you were naked?”, we pushed deeper into this territory.  This Spring, we have followed a progression …

  1. Sonship – that I am a full heir, that I am God’s son made in His image, divinely, uniquely created.
  2. Zoe – drawing upon the life of God – that we need to daily make it a priority to draw upon the life of God (the Zoe) like a branch needs the vine, like a tree needs the stream of living water, we too need to be fed by God…daily.
  3. Distractions – we talked about the things that distract us from the Life of God – busyness, technology, etc.
  4. Your Heart – we talked about the importance of your heart – that we need to guard our hearts as the wellspring of life.

Sonship…the Life of God…Your Heart – it is the path to life and it is opposed.

And last week, we introduced the opposition – Satan’s attempt to tear us down in whispering, “You are less.  You cannot.”  We talked about the power of these voices from our past and the agreements we’ve made with those.  Today, we pushed deeper into this.  The Ledger article about Ruby Thrush, the art teacher at Britt David.  She was shy, compliant child who was humiliated and shamed by a teacher for her inability to read in front of the class, “The only reason you are being passed on to the next grade is because no one wants to deal with you anymore”.  It took her out and she struggled to survive in its aftermath.  But she found her inner voice.  She got her legs back under her and now thrives as an art teacher inspiring her kids to dream big.  Her class motto is “If you make a mistake, make it great.”  From a shy, ridiculed little girl, she now teaches children to create a personal masterpiece that proclaims their importance, their identity and their talent – and she doesn’t care if they color outside the lines or “do it all wrong”.  There is no “all wrong” in her class – the kids are taught they are masterpieces themselves and she draws out of them their ability to create.  Beautiful.

Derrick shared a powerful testimony about the voices in his head that have tried to cast shame on him and Yancy shared his life and what God is showing him.  Neither of these men are “house-less” – no, indeed, both are quite at home right where they are.

Lastly, I shared a bit of podcast from Morgan Snyder at Ransomed Heart on finding out what God has to say about you.  Abraham, David and Joseph were all told by God what they would become.  They chose to believe.  That’s my question for you right now >> will you be one of those men who “choose to believe” what God says about you?  How do you do this?  Very few men go to God on a regular basis and say, “Jesus what do you think of me?”  Functionally, day to day, very few of us live like Jesus loves us.

Start doing this – go to God daily and ask, “God what do you think of me?  Jesus, show me how much you love me.”  Write down what you get.  It can come from a word, a new name, a picture, a sunset, a kind word from a friend, a worship song, Scripture you read … let God speak to you.  Whose voice are you listening too?  Let God speak.  Journal it.  Write it down.  Document it.  It will be powerful for you in the weeks to come.

If you’ve asked God who are you and if you believe it, there will come an immense freedom because you don’t have to impress people or be the center of attention.  You can simply be authentic and follow Jesus in whatever situation you are in.  Because you know.  You know who God says you are.  And when you know that, those other voices lose their significance over your life.  “The truth shall set you free”.   Here is a link to podcast.  It is 20 minutes long and I think it will help you a great deal tie all this together …



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