We will stay right here on the poser and authenticity.  The material this week was a lot and we all need time to digest this.  I hope this week you have been thinking and praying and seeking God about what was challenged in you by this message.

Many of us – in truth, all of us – stand like this man in the picture … a man very much naked, very exposed, in our boots but hiding in our shame and fear.  It takes no courage to pose.  It takes no courage to put up this false self of a man who has it all together.

It takes radical courage to be authentic.

You know, when God called Moses, He told Moses to tell the people that “I am” sent him … “I AM WHO I AM”.  And perhaps that is where we are going with all this, that all of us men will get to the place of authenticity where we will be able to say, “You know, I just am who I am.  The true me, the real me.  All my faults, all my “I don’t know how to do this”, all my insecurities – they make me who I am.  But I KNOW who I AM in God’s eyes.”

keep pushing into this…


5 thoughts on “authenticity

  1. I first got a glimpse of this topic while at the Valley Rescue Mission Men’s Recovery Program in Hamilton, GA. David Burnell brought the men a powerful word at least once a week–some of which was gleaned from Man School.

    These “soul searching” sessions for me became “life changing” Praise God for Authentic Men and brotherhood.

    • These videos are on the Ransomed Heart website and are a part of their RH Tribe membership. It is $99/year and you get unlimited access to every video on the website. You can sign up for a 30 day trial and check it out to see if you want to pay for the full year and in so doing, gain access to Craig’s talk we watched last week.

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