The Warrior

One of my favorite movies and books of all time is The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe by CS Lewis.  Aslan is the Christ figure in the story and is this magnificent, powerful, exceedingly kind, fiercely terrifying yet always loving figure in the story.  When Aslan is on the move, the kingdom shakes with anticipation.  And so it is today.

Yes, this world is terrible.  Yes, we face a long laundry list of things to worry about.  Yes, our nation has turned away from God.  There is much to fear about our future.  However…we know how this story ends.  We know the warrior God is coming and He will make all things right.  So men, take heart!  Rise up.  Don’t shrink back.  Be a man of God.  Be bold and fierce and strong yet tender, loving and compassionate.  Be true.  Stand tall.  Fight for your family.  Fight for your wife.  Fight for your kids.  Don’t give up.  Don’t lose heart.

There is a storm coming…

i am the storm


2 thoughts on “The Warrior

  1. Stand fast, take strength in Him we are stronger yet. He is our Rock, our Cornerstone, our shield and sword. Nothing can stand against Christ who lives in you.

  2. We have a great Warrior as we live in a hopeless worlds not need of a warrior
    Our friend in Christ Ronnie Locklar is going to have his liver “banded up” on Wednesday. I don’t know what that all means. Since we are talking about warriors, he is looking for some real prayer warriors. I hope our group can help in this respect.

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