McManus on “Story”

I played this at the end today – some of you had to leave early.  All of us need to hear it again…

“As I have traveled around the word speaking I’ve noticed that when I tell stories of our great success or great opportunities or incredible victories, no one really resonates.  They get inspired – a little bit – but it quickly dissipates.  But when I start telling people that two years ago, I lost my company, lost several million dollars and everything I had and that I had to fly home and tell my wife I’d lost everything and had moved into a fetal position and wanted to die, amazingly people just light up.  They said “the same thing happened to me too”.  Although theirs wasn’t the same – I lost my company and millions of dollars, theirs was that their girlfriend broke up with them (!).  It’s not the same thing.  But maybe it is.

You see what I found is that when I open up the story of my pain, wounds and failures, suddenly we have a shared history together.  It’s like when you show someone a wound and they say, “I have a wound too” and they show you theirs.  What I love about the Tribe of Jesus is that you can’t get into it as long as you try to make the story look better than it really is.  (if you pose)  You can only get in when you own your own story and say, “yeah, I’ve got wounds, I’ve got scars and there’s an emptiness inside of me I can’t seem to fill.  There’s a brokenness I can’t fix and there’s a place so deep inside my soul with a pain I  can’t seem to access.  And that’s why I turned to God because no one or no thing could get that deep inside of me to heal that wound.”

The Truth is, you can only get into this Tribe when you own the story of being human and the Truth that you need God.  That’s our shared history.  It empowers us because we can sit together and say, “remember when?”  You see, I remember when I lost everything and God showed me that with “nothing” He could do more than I could do with “everything”.  I remember when I felt the world had come to an end and God showed me He was just starting a new future I couldn’t even imagine.” 

We tell the story of us in our Tribe as our shared history.  Tribesmen that no longer need to pose.  Who can be real and authentic and can begin to live life in search of what God thinks of us and in search of what God wants for us instead of this broken façade and mask of the poser out there doing life all alone.  There is great power in Tribe.  Great power in your story.  Great power in being free to share it and get it out of the darkness of shame.


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