A short daily prayer…


Jesus, I take refuge in you.  I take refuge in your love that nothing would be stolen but rather that you bring these things deeper into my heart.  Continue to deepen this in me.  I take refuge in you.  Jesus I give to you my spirit and my soul and my body.  I rest in you.  I give you my heart, my mind and my will.  I cover myself today in a fresh way with your blood – spirit, soul, body, heart, mind and will.

Jesus I pray you would open my hearing.  Cleanse my ears with your blood.  Cleanse my eyes so I might see.  Remove all scales.

I invite your Spirit and your life to fill me now.  Jesus restore my union with you.  Renew me in you.  Restore our oneness.  Jesus I give you my kingdom heart to be one with your kingdom heart.  Come and speak to me today.

I take my place in the Cross, in your resurrection and your ascension.  I give myself to you to live your life.  I put on your full armor today – every piece of it.  I bring the kingdom of Heaven and I bring the authority of Jesus over my life and my home.  I bring the full work of Jesus over this time and space and against every enemy, against every person who is sending sin to me, judgments, envy, Jesus against all foul spirits, against all crushing and hopelessness, against all overwhelmed, against all forms of resignation and defeat.  I cut those spirits off – every accusing spirit – by the triumph of Jesus Christ.  I bring the power of your Cross against every foul spirit set against me and I order them bound and banished Jesus to your judgment, in your authority and in your name.

I bring the life of Jesus against death.  I bring the empty tomb of Jesus Christ – the power of your resurrection against all death.  I command the kingdom of Heaven here.  I bring the full work of Christ between me and the things of this world.

I take refuge in you.

Jesus bring me what you have for me today.  I’m asking your angels to surround and shield me and to go before me.  I invite the presence of your kingdom in the name of our love and our life, the ruler of the universe, my Lord Jesus Christ.



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