How would you like to drive an M-1Abrams tank?


Kerry Williams has arranged for a special event for Manschool men – the chance to spend a morning at Fort Benning driving M-1 Abrams tank simulators.  These are full motion simulators.  They are exact replicas of the actual M-1 driver’s compartment.  Each simulator will have an instructor who will put you through a class on tank driving.

This is a fantastic opportunity to spend the morning on base doing something incredibly cool as a Tribe.  After we are finished, the group will meet for lunch somewhere nearby.

We have room for up to 50 men on a first come, first serve basis.  The actual time of the class is 9am-12pm on Wednesday July 27th.  We will arrange for the schedule/carpool once we have the RSVP’s.  You’ll probably need to get to base around 7am to get through security, etc. but more details to come on this.

We won’t have manschool that Wednesday if a bunch of men take Kerry up on this opportunity but I’ll let you know that as we get closer.  If you want to do this and can get off work for a few hours, please RSVP right away so we can reserve your slot.  Comment below to book your spot ASAP.


18 thoughts on “How would you like to drive an M-1Abrams tank?

  1. Count me in Richard. I’m going to take my grandson home on the 25th and I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks but if it’s not in that time frame I’ll do it. I would suggest having lunch at the Benning club. They have a great lunch buffet

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