Fathered by God – The Warrior

The Lord is a warrior.  A man wants to be something to be reckoned with – it is the heart of the warrior.

Everything you’re going to want in this life, you’re going to have to fight for.  Life is hard.  You were born into a world at war.  Your marriage, kids, jobs, dreams, extended family – you will have to fight for all of it.  It is opposed.  You are opposed.

The warrior heart is essential to overcome the passivity we all inherited from Adam.  Adam fell through passivity.  We need to overcome it.

We’re wounded in the warrior stage when we are taught as boys that all aggression is always wrong.  The stage is stifled when we have a passive father.  We are wounded when we try to rise up and we’re beaten down i.e. facing down a bully and losing.

The good news is that God wants to restore the warrior in us.  He allows hardships, trials, difficulties to come our way not because He’s abandoned us or is cruel but because He’s trying to teach us and train us.  When you see the passivity creeping in on you – choose against it.  Say to yourself, “No, I will not go passive here. I will stand up. I will speak up”.  Every time you do, it strengthens you and you will feel like more of a man.  Overcome your fears, overcome your self-doubts.

The warrior heart is that inner resolve, that inner strength that says “I will yield to nothing”.

Most of our training comes in the spiritual realm – spiritual warfare.  Whatever comes at you, the accusations, discouragement, assault…the warrior rises up in you and you say “No” – shut it down by the authority given to you by Christ.

Our tendency is to either go passive or take on too much.  “I must take this on to show I’ve got what it takes” and you take on way too much – or — the fear “I can’t take this on.  I’m afraid I don’t have what it takes.”  For all of us, in the crucial moment, when the battle is fierce, that question will always arise “Do I have what it takes?”

The enemy wants to shut down the warrior heart – through passivity, fear, shame, humiliation or defeat.

Stay in the battle, regardless of how it turns out.  (Think of fighting for your wife)  That is the heart of the warrior.


One thought on “Fathered by God – The Warrior

  1. I really appreciated the message this morning and am making it a point to share with those brothers that I am close to and know missed an awesome session. It is one thing to be aware of the battle and yet another to come prepared…I intend to focus on preparation for battle each and every day over the next week and a half….will update upon return from Detroit.

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