Fathered by God – the Sage

The last stage of our life — it typically starts around 55 and continues through the rest of your life.  It is a time of wisdom and fathering of others.  The elder at the gate whose lifetime of wisdom is now a fountain of blessing for others.

It can be a tough time because he can feel like his position is shrinking as a king.  Maybe he steps down from his position and goes into retirement but it actually is his time of greatest influence where all his experiences flow over to shape and guide others.  It is a time of communion with God where your inner life is actually greater than your outer life.

The Sage invites you to come closer to God.  You don’t feel pressure but rather you feel the invitation of his life.

It can be wounded and undeveloped when he doesn’t learn his life’s lessons and pay attention to the journey.  He can have very little to offer if he hasn’t submitted to God in the process and paid attention to all God has tried to teach him.  He can be wounded when he is dismissed and no one wants to listen to him.  As in a church or a business when the young are arrogant and want to run the show and push the older to the side.

The call for all of us – no matter the stage you’re in right now – is to learn our lessons in life and pay attention.  It all builds for your future.

When you’re around a sage and you’re wanting to hear from him, hear what he has to say … have you noticed, he lights up.  As he starts talking, he looks like the years fall off of him.  He cranks up with passion, wisdom, counsel, stories, etc. gesturing wildly as he talks … he has an apprentice who wants to hear what he has to say.  That’s the power of this.  We all need a Gandalf.  And the Gandalfs need us!

There is an amazing process that takes place when an older man sees something in you.  When he sees it and has confidence in you and freely gives to you – imparting his experience to you … that is so powerful in a young man’s life.

“He who  keeps the company of the wise will become wise.”  It is available.  But you have to ask.

There is a world of younger men desperate for sages.  The power of the presence of a Godly, older man cannot be measured.  And for those men 55 and over … you have so much to offer.  There is an osmosis that comes off you onto these younger bucks and they need your wisdom.

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