Fathered by God – let us be intentional

Tomorrow morning, we will wrap up our summer Manschool series on learning to be “Fathered by God”.  I hope it has been good for you.  Here are the notes…

John was shown how to fly fish by an older, experienced fisherman.  And it worked.  He caught fish.  On the way home, he knew God was fathering him that day.  God met him in his deep desire.

A fatherless man hurls himself at life trying to prove he has what it takes, striving, indulging.  30 years of “I am on my own to make life work”. It doesn’t work.

To journey to find God as Father – it can be awkward.  It is easy to transfer our feelings about our earthly fathers onto God.  As in – He’s not there much, he’s distant, he’s not going to talk to me and he surely isn’t going to come through for me.

We must ask God, “What is it that I believe about YOU as Father?”

Try to reorient how you look at life.  We are men in need of fathering and much in need of initiation and to believe that God is our father, coming for us to take us on this journey.   Sometimes it comes to us through another man – an uncle, a mentor, a sage, a fishing guide, a client, a neighbor – men who can speak into your life and teach you how things work.

Sometimes it comes directly especially as we start to take our questions to him like “Do you love me Father?”  “Do you even like me?”  “How am I doing as a man?”  “What do you think of me?”

One of the ways He honors us is that He’ll wait for us to engage in the process of being intentional towards Him.  Put yourself in situations where you know you’ll need Him to show up.  Ask for help with finances.  With help in your marriage.  Take on a sport outside your comfort zone.  Get into situations where you know you need initiation and where you will wait for God to show up.

John took up bow hunting for his healing and initiation.  Most of how he normally lived his life was that he was reckless and he charged into situations depending on his natural giftedness to get him through.  He flew by the seat of his pants.  It is a very boyish way to live life.

Bow hunting slows you down.  You have to be cautious.  Keenly alert of all your surroundings, all the time.  It changed the way he lived life. He brought the skills of hunting back into his daily life and gave up this boyish approach to be a more centered, patient man.

At any point in your life, something needs to be dismantled and something needs to be healed.  What needs to be dismantled is the fatherless way you live your life.  What needs to be healed is your genuine masculine strength.

Isaiah 61 says “He came to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free – to free us of our bondage” and the fulfillment of this process is “They will become Oaks of Righteousness” – that is to say… settled, true, that which people can count on, which brings a sheltering strength that bears the glory of God.  THIS is the goal of being Fathered by God.

One thought on “Fathered by God – let us be intentional

  1. Ok. So how are you being “intentional”? Or, rather, how am I being intentional?

    Are you “older”? are you looking for younger men to give to? Are you “younger”? Are you looking for more experienced men to receive from?

    There are “students” who need men to spend time with them. There are men who are losing what they have been given because they are not giving away what they have. Think about that last sentence; does it make sense? Hint: there several words about it in the gospels.

    I choose to speak up in the spheres I have been given.

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