Live, Live, Live…

In the context of Louie Giglio’s talk about “In the presence of my enemies, the Lord has prepared a table for me” and Andy Stanley’s “Guardrails” and then in the context of sex and temptation, please watch this very familiar film clip …

All the residents of heaven peering over the wall of the castle watching us here battle and struggle and the whole host of heaven, the cloud of witnesses are just cheering us on, just rooting for us, the coliseum just shouting “Live, Live, Live”.  They were rooting for his death moments ago.  There is some strength, some confidence that comes to us and we say – “You can call me whatever you want – stupid, idiot, seagull, failure – whatever that name was, whatever that message you were given.  You can put me in the crappiest circumstances but I KNOW who I am.” 

Men, if we forget that, or we’ve never heard it, or we lose it or we see so many signs that say “You can’t” or “You shouldn’t” or “Not you, maybe someone else, but not you”.  The wounds we have can just extend through the years and in face of those, how do you become that man?  You ask God.  You take all that you know and have read about your identity in Christ and all the truth about what God has done for you and you pound on the door and say, “Lord, take this and just embed it in my being.  Remove everything contra and counter that just shouts the truth down and assaults me.”

Maximus knew who he was.  He wasn’t afraid to face his enemy.  He stood in the face of tyranny and temptation and was a man who said, “No.  Not me.  I won’t give in.  There is a better way and I’m willing to die for what I believe in.”

It is same with you and me.  Temptation will come.  I must have my boundaries.  I must know who I am.  I must know what lines I will not cross.  Remember back to Louie – the enemy is always around.  He doesn’t sleep.  He doesn’t eat.  He’s awake 24/7 prowling around.  He reads your mail.  He knows where you are weak and he’ll try to exploit your weaknesses.

He’s looking for a crack.  A crevice.  A small opening.  Anything to try to get to you.  It can be a weakness in your character.  It can be a life experience – abuse, a dad who abandoned you, a failure of yours in business or a past relationship.

Or … it can be a door you open.  Get that.  You open it.  By opening the door, you invite it in.  An affair.  Porn.  You’re inviting a world of destruction upon you by peering into this.  PORN – by clicking on that link, you are literally inviting evil into your life.  Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  You’re inviting the destructive in to live among the Holy.

This is why Paul urges us with the command, “Flee from sexual immorality”.  Flee.  Run.  It couldn’t be clearer.  You honor God with your bodies – which are temples of the Holy Spirit.  The litmus test for us is “Is what I am about to do dishonoring God?”  If it dishonors God and his commands, flee.

We are calling one another UP to a higher standard.

So back to the image Craig shared with us,

When you’re contemplating flirting with that woman at work…

When you’re tempted to cruise her facebook page to peer at her pictures…

When you think about driving by her home…

When you’re tempted to surf some porn to try to find some relief …

When you’re contemplating compromising your beliefs …

Remember the whole host of heaven is peering over the wall looking down shouting the encouragement to you of “LIVE.  LIVE.  LIVE”.


4 thoughts on “Live, Live, Live…

  1. Amen . . . love and live the statement:

    “The litmus test for us is “Is what I am about to do dishonoring God?” If it dishonors God and his commands, flee.

    We are calling one another UP to a higher standard.”

  2. I had some great realizations this morning especially after watching the Gladiator clip and then discussing in small group.

    In the video, the first thing Maximus does when he sees the Emperor (the enemy) is defend himself with the arrow. He recognized who it was and the danger and he prepared for battle. Then Emperor was originally very light-hearted “you do have a name don’t you?!”, and Maximus responded nonchalantly with “Gladiator” and turned his back. That is when the Emperor got pissed. But Gladiator was prepared because he knows who he is, “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant to the TRUE emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.” The army starts to step in when the other gladiators gather behind Maximus ready to fight. The crowd begins to cheer…

    Spiritual realm correlation:

    First we must recognize the enemy and the danger and be prepared for battle. When Satan comes in very easy going, he get gets pissed when we blow him off like an annoying house fly. Then, when Satan gets pissed at us, we should be confident enough to turn and say “My name is Ryan Walker, child of God, joint-heir with Christ, loyal servant to the one and only TRUE God, bought with the blood of Christ. And I am already the victor because you have been defeated, maybe not in this life but the next, and you have no power over me.” Satan gets furious and sends his demons in and an army of angels file in behind me. Then the hosts of heaven; David, Moses, Joshua, Caleb, the Disciples, Christ himself cheering “LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!”

    This is our story!!!

  3. Hi Richard, are the clips supposed to be included in this recap for today? Good session. Good small group discussion afterward. Thanks for your boldness.

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