The new LiveUP logo

Harrison Mills stepped UP.  He took the step of saying, “I have gifts and skills that I can use to make a real contribution to this Tribe” and he boldly tackled the redesign of our logo.

I love this on so many levels.  He has sat and listened and taken in what has been shared.  He’s grabbed the vision.  God is clearly moving on his heart and he took the risk of saying, “Hey, maybe I can improve some things and make a contribution”.  Amen and Amen.  Bold.  Creative.  Willing to risk.  Dreamed.  In so doing, he was LivingUP.

If you want to see it … here ya go


We’ll be redesigning the website to incorporate all of this.

4 Replies to “The new LiveUP logo”

  1. I am blown away… the presentation was top notch. I vote yes… and where do I order my tee shirt and hat? Can not wait to use it in Step Up 2017 Men’s Retreat planning.

  2. As a distant tribe member, I greatly confirm approval for the logo. When can you order one? My brothers have a Christ filled Christmas. Always walk in the ‘son shine’.

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