The Tribe will come back together on Wednesday January 25th at 6am.

This season of Manschool will be quite a bit different than the past.  It’s going deeper.  To get the most out of this, you’re going to need to commit.  Rather than “sitting”, you’re going to need to be “all in”.

It is time to step it UP a notch.  The men of Christ Community need to stepUP into the “more” we talk so frequently about.  God is stirring and moving in our church.  The Prayer Week this past week was A M A Z I N G.  It wasn’t prayer … it was revival.  Frankly, I hope this is how we do Prayer week from now on.  If you were there, you were richly fed and I think you felt the Father’s presence.

I only went to the last two of the four sessions.  It was an “investment” to commit to go and man, what a return on investment I got.  I wish I had done all four.

I say that as an analogy to what you can expect in Manschool this Spring.  To receive, you’re going to have to invest.  We’ll be more in the Word than previous sessions.  There will be more teaching and less videos.  The small groups are going to be even more important and the group leaders will shoulder more of the responsibility.  You will need be prepared to dig deep, bring your Bible and a notebook.  If you will do the work, you’ll see the reward.

I am excited but I am also in awe of what is to come.  I am humbled.  My word for 2017 is “Dirt”.  Touched on this some in last few Manschool’s but boy, God has really been after me on this since we last gathered.  Dirt.  You ride along on the high horse of who you are.  The education you have, the job, the home, the friends, the family … the man.  And the longer you ride that horse, the more you forget about God.  The more you lose sight of gratitude and the harder it is to grasp Grace.  And then, if you’re lucky, God comes along and knocks you off that high horse.  Pardon my French but He knocks your ass off the horse.  Face down in the dirt.  Lip bleeding , eyes crusted with tears and dirt, you start to lift your head up out of the dirt.  And Jesus is there extending a hand, “Get up son, we’ve got some things to talk about.”  And in that process, your world is realigned.  You see just how far off the mark you’ve been.  You see the posing.  You see how you value things more than you value Him.  You see how a few nights at worship is FAR more satisfying than “I’m tired and just want to come home from work and veg out”.  When we have these Saul to Paul moments, God is reshaping us and turning us away from the path of our choosing and placing us on the path He needs us to serve on.  It isn’t fun.  No fun.  But after this thing happens, you start to understand gratitude a bit better and you are reintroduced to Grace.  None of us deserve anything we have.  It all belongs to God.  Your money, your job, your church, your children, your future.  It’s all His.  And when we start to think it’s all about us, we’re in deep trouble.

God is stirring.  He is moving.  These next two years at Christ Community are going to be amazing.  An Awakening has been started and it’s going to be terrifying, thrilling, life-altering and community-changing.

the question for you is – are you willing to do the hard work?  will you invest?  will you go wherever He sends you or give up all that you think you must have to follow Him?


6 thoughts on “Manschool starts back Jan 25th

  1. Hopefully we can get on track and stay on track spiritually speaking! It was made evidently clear this week that this no time for spiritual slumber!
    MANSCHOOL should be a part of that awakening process.

  2. Well said Richard well sad and yes the awakening was well worth the investment. I did make all four nights and I was building and building and building until the crescendo on Wednesday, my heart is so full. I too hope they use the same basic calling out to our Father for future prayer weeks.

  3. Was knocked off my “high horse” . . . thank you Jesus . . . thank you Lord.

    Continued prayers . . . miss you guys. On Jan 13, 2017 11:38 AM, “The glory of God is man fully alive” wrote:

    > LiveUP1 posted: “The Tribe will come back together on Wednesday January > 25th at 6am. This season of Manschool will be quite a bit different than > the past. It’s going deeper. To get the most out of this, you’re going to > need to commit. Rather than “sitting”, you’re goin” >

  4. Jesus asks, ” will you trust me?” Will we trust him wherever he leads us? will we respond to his love? The last night, Wednesday, focused on his love for us, and our response. What did you receive from God’s moves in these four evenings? Give it away! The more you give away the more Jesus will refill you, and the greater his blessings flow. May Manschool never be the same, being filled with unimaginable joy.

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