We’ll summarize today’s session in a few posts.  It’s too much material to cover in one and if you’re like me, long posts tend not to get read all the way through.

As a set up for the next post, let me ask the question of you … Where are you weak?  Where’s the weakness in your life?  Ask yourself that.  Every now and then, it’s wise to do an inventory of your life.  Ask Father, “Lord, show me where I am weak”.

We’ve all got our pockets of weakness.  Areas that are vulnerable.  Things that tend to trip us up.  Areas where we’ve let something creep in and take root.  Anger can be one of those.  It may be that I procrastinate.  Or that I don’t exercise and am out of shape.  Maybe its alcohol.  For many men, it is lust and pornography.  Maybe it is fear that has me to the point where I won’t take any risks.  Maybe it’s a love of money and toys and worldly comforts.

If alcohol is something you cannot go without, if pornography is something you just keep drifting back to for relief, if anger always seems just beneath the surface of your life waiting to leap out … these are areas of weakness in your life the Father wants to deal with.

If we ignore these areas, they take root and can eventually “take over”.  Don’t be overwhelmed by this.  Ask the Father to show you one area He’d like you do deal with.  Maybe it’s exercise or losing weight.  Maybe its that you’ve procrastinated cleaning out the garage.  Maybe it is something far deeper.  It probably is.  But tackle the first thing God gives you.  These small things have a way of nagging us and telling us we are failures or it’ll always be this way.  Cut these off before they have time to grow.  Conquer the weak on the smaller things to grow stronger for the deeper issues Father will bring to you.

We are fallen, broken men in the process, as believers, of being sanctified.  God is always working in our lives.  Chipping away, bulking us up.  He always wants more for us.  There are new frontiers all the time available to us – but – we all have these areas of weakness that block us from being all God intends for us.  And … we must be willing for God to work.  It starts with the asking.

So, it’s a good question… “Where am I weak?”.  It’s not fun to think of weaknesses but even acknowledging that it is no fun, that is a powerful first step.  The enemy wants to capitalize on your weaknesses.  He does not want you asking this question.  By asking it, you’re surrendering to the Father, you’re acknowledging your need and that’s the first step.

more to come…


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