We know what others think of us – but – we don’t know what God thinks.

Charles Spurgeon – “I will never have it that God created any man, especially any Christian man, to be a blank and a nothing.  He made you for an end.  Find out what that end is.  Find your niche and fill it.  Do something in this great battle for God and for the Truth”.

You have a place that cannot be filled by any other man and you can be, in this life, much of who God designed you to be.  He gives us hints along the way of who He wants us to be.

In Good Will Hunting, he is telling Will, “It’s not your fault” and Will keeps saying, “Yeah, I know”But did he?  Really?  Truly?

We know so much truth as Christians.  Christ died for me as a sinner.  This is true.  But oh, when those words leap off the pages and go into your heart and you have this encounter with a truth that captures your heart and for the first time, you know it in your heart … words cannot describe.

Do you know who you are?  The beloved of God?

Has that captured you?

Seriously – DO YOU … KNOW THAT?

Gladiator – deep within him, he is a leader.  God created him to be a general of armies.  He knows who he is.

It is like the residents of Heaven are peering over the wall of the castle watching us here battle and struggle and the whole host of Heaven is cheering us on, rooting for us, “Live!  Live!  Live!”

He has a strength and confidence – “Hey, you can call me whatever you want – seagull, stupid, idiot – whatever the message, whatever name you give me.  You can put me in the crappiest of circumstances … but I know who I am.”

We forget that, or we never had it, or we lost it.  We see so many signs that say, “You cannot” or “You shouldn’t” or “Not you – maybe them – but not you”.  The wounds, they have a way of extending through the years and so how do you become that man?

Take all that you read about your identity in Christ and all the truth of what God has done for you and you just pound on the door … “LORD, take this and just embed this in my being and remove everything contra and counter that just shouts the truth down and assaults me.”

This is a daily battle.  Don’t lose sight of this.

We’re in the matrix.  We are heavenly designed beings living in a swamp of sin.  Evil runs rampant.  We are under assault … daily. 

It is not what we were designed for.

Heaven peers over the wall watching us.  They know.  They’ve been here, and they’ve gone home.  They know what you’re fighting because they fought it too.  Knowing what they know now … they know the secret.

They’re telling you to “LIVE”. 

They’re telling you to be the best lab you can possibly be.

St. Thomas Irenaeus said, “The glory of God is man fully alive”.  I get that now better than I ever have. 

Do you see it?

The man “fully alive” is a great lab running free on the beach.  He doesn’t care about the signs.  He just wants to run.  He’s not worried about dying.  Not worried about impressing people or how big his bank account is.  He is unshackled.  Wide open.  On fire.  Alive.  Unapologetic for the Gospel.  Unafraid to risk.  Unconcerned with keeping score (he leaves that up to God).

He KNOWS who God designed him to be and he’s living it.


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