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To be a great father, I must understand that I have a great Father.  I am a beloved son of a perfect Father.

The enemy’s plan is to isolate you because that’s when you’re at your weakest and to insulate you, so you can then refuse to deal with the issues that are most important in your life.

A man who says, “I’m good.  I’m fine.  It’s under control” and says, “and there are certain things, I just won’t talk about” – that man, has isolated and insulated himself.  He’s a prime target for the enemy.

We all want the approval of our Dad’s – or we did when we were kids.  That desire is woven deep within us.  There is something about the approval of a dad that can’t be met in any other way.

The enemy knows this and will try to crack our perception of our earthly dad and thus, our perception of our eternal Father.

It’s hard to be a “man after God’s own heart” if the most important man in your life wasn’t after your heart.

Most men you know… are still striving for their father’s approval – or – striving to disprove their Dad who said he’d never amount to anything, never measure up, never be anything important or who was just silent.  This is hard for most men to admit because the pain is layered down deep.

Ephesians 5:1 – “Be imitators of God as dearly loved children”

For a lot of us, we’ve got a box full of parts but no picture of what a man is supposed to look like.  We never had a Dad, or our Dad was too busy, too successful, too dysfunctional or too disinterested.

Yes, Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead and He did go to Calvary and die on the cross as a sacrifice for us, so we could be forgiven and set free – but – God loved Him before He did any of that.  Jesus moved from the Father’s acceptance not for the Father’s acceptance.

We can do great things, build great things, lead great things, leave a great legacy and do what men do but not “so that” we get someone’s approval but because we already have the greatest approval anyone could ever want.

I want to be an imitator of God as a dearly loved child.

As men, we all long for one thing and that is to know we are the son of a father who takes delight in us, who sees us, who wants to be involved in our story and who wants to affirm us because we are His.  We all want that.

Every real life struggle we face as men is all in Ephesians 5.  But it starts with being “dearly loved children”.

Christ fought to the finish and fought to the death for you!

There is No shadow you won’t light up.

No mountain You won’t climb up.

No wall You won’t kick down.

No lie You won’t tear down

… coming after me.

You ARE a beloved son of the Father.  He delights in YOU.  Believe that today.

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