Here is the devotional from New Morning Mercies > Scan0009

“The men found themselves in an impossible, exhausting, frustrating and potentially dangerous situation.” 

So many of our men have been in – or – are presently now – in just such a circumstance.  Storms come in life and many of us are in them right now.  And as this text says, these storms are beyond our strength and ability.

Why would Jesus ever want His disciples to be in this kind of situation?  Why would Jesus ever want you to go through the storm you are presently going through?  Have you ever asked, “WHY?”.  I have.

As we’ve discussed many times, nowhere in scripture are we promised that our life would be constantly blessed, without challenge, without pain or without challenge.

Nowhere in scripture are we promised a pain free, perfect life.  We are promised storms will come – we live in a fallen and broken world and we are promised that He will never leave nor forsake us.

In this story, we see that Jesus could have “fixed” this easily – from the shore, He could have just called out for the seas to calm to help his friends.  But … He didn’t.  He walked out into the storm to meet His friends there in the midst of it.  He wasn’t after the storm, He was after the men.  The storms will come in your life, Jesus will come after you in them.

Why did Jesus send them into the storm?  Why does He send you into your storm?  Said another way, why didn’t He stop the storm that came upon you?  Why didn’t He stop the affair, the cancer, the attack, the pregnancy, the failure?  He saw it coming – He is God after all – why didn’t He stop it?

Because, sometimes we need the storm to be able to see the glory.  Sometimes, you need to be knocked off your high horse to wake you up enough to just how far off base you’ve gotten.  Sometimes you need a crash to realize that your life has become all about the pursuit of your kingdom.  Sometimes you need a good healthy face full of DIRT so God can knock off the rough edges that have formed around your faith and so that you can experience His glory through the redemption.

Jesus walked out onto the water to be with His friends during their fear-laced, “there is no way we’re gonna make out of this” moment.  He was right there with them.  He is right there with you in yours.

Don’t ask Him “why?”

Ask Him “what?  what is it Lord you’re trying to break in me, show me, sanctify in me, purify out of me?  what is it Lord that I have made an idol?  what is it that has my supreme affection/attention/devotion that should be Yours?”

read the attached text.  John Piper’s full sermon is below.  We started today at 49:55 minutes in…

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